The Bendahara Dynasty


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[1930 - 1939] Y.A.M. Tengku Omar ibni al-Marhum Sultan ‘Abdu’l-Rahman, Tengku Besar. b. at Lingga, 1893, third son of H.H. Paduka Sri Nasr ul-Zaman al-Sultan ‘Abdu’l-Rahman Mu’azzam Shah ibni al-Marhum al-Malik al-Hadi Raja Muhammad Yusuf al-Mahdi, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Lingga, Riau and dependencies, by his fifth wife, Encik Ain un-nisa [Ainon] binti ‘Abdu’llah, educ. Hoofdenschool, and Opleiding Sch Voor Indische Artsen, Bandung, and Al-Azhar Univ, Cairo, Egypt. Appointed as Heir Apparent and recognised as such by the Dutch authorities 17th May 1908 - 3rd February 1911. Pembeasar of Pulau Tujuh. He first settled in Singapore with his father and his family before removing to Kuala Trengganu to reside with his wife’s relatives. Succeeded on the death of his father as Head of the Royal House of Lingga, 28th December 1930. Presdt Rusydiah Club 1910-1911. m. (first) Y.M. Ungku Mas binti Muhammad Khalid (d. at Singapore, 1919), daughter of Y.M. Ungku Muhammad Khalid bin Dato’ Temenggong Sri Maharaja Tun Ibrahim, sometime Presdt of the Johor State Courts of Justice and Appeal. m. (second) at Kuala Trengganu, 21st July 1910 (div.), Y.A.M. Tengku Besar Habshah binti al-Marhum Sultan Zainal Abidin (b. at Kuala Trengganu, before 13th June 1896; m. second, Y.M. Tengku Bagus Ja’afar bin Tengku Petra Mahmud, and d. at Kuala Trengganu, 11th February 1916, bur. there at the Zainal Abidin Mosque), daughter of H.H. Paduka Sri Tuanku Sultan Haji Zainal-Abidin III Mu’azzam Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan Besar of the State of Trengganu Dar al-Iman, KCMG, by his eighth wife, Y.M. Tengku Puteri binti Tengku Muhammad Said, daughter of Y.A.M. Tengku Muhammad Said ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Mu’azzam Shah, of Lingga. m. (third) Y.M. Tengku Puteh Wuk Putri binti Tengku Husain, daughter of Y.M. Tengku Husain bin Tengku Embong Usman, sometime Amir-i-Gal Mandah of Reteh, by his wife, Y.M. Tengku Cik, of Johor-Singapore. m. (fourth) Y.M. Tengku Zahra binti Tengku Besar Muhammad Yusuf, widow of his younger brother, Y.A.M. Tengku Ismail ibni al-Marhum Sultan ‘Abdu’l-Rahman, youngest daughter of Y.A.M. Tengku Muhammad Yusuf ibni al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Muzaffar Shah, Tengku Besar Paduka Indra, sometime Chief Minister of Trengganu, by his third wife, Encik Zubaida, a Bugis lady. m. (fifth) Y.M. Tengku Puteh Amina binti Tengku Mustafa (d.s.p.), daughter of Y.B.M. Tengku Mustafa bin Tengku Muda Idris, Tengku Sri Wangsa Raja, of Trengganu, by his wife, Y.M. Tengku Nik binti Tengku ‘Abdu’l Rahman, daughter of Y.M. Tengku ‘Abdu’l Rahman bin Tengku Embong Mustafa, of Trengganu. m. (sixth) ... m. (seventh) ... m. (a) at Singapore, 1929, Yong Geok Kim. He d. at Kuala Trengganu, 1939, having had issue, five sons and two daughters:
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