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1875 - 1920 H.H. Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Sir Keshri Singhji Bahadur, Maharao of Sirohi, GCIE (9.11.1901), KCSI (1.1.1895). b. at the Fort, Sirohi, 20th June 1857, only son of H.H. Maharao Shri Umed Singhji Bahadur, Rao Sahib of Sirohi, by his wife, H.H. Rathorji Rani Sahib, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 16th September 1875. Installed on the gadi, at Sirohi, 24th November 1875. Attended all three Delhi Darbars, 1877, 1903 and 1911. Raised to the personal title of Raj Rajeshwar, the hereditary territorial title of Maharao 1st July 1889, and the hereditary title of Maharajadhiraj 11th December 1911. Concluded the permanent lease of Mount Abu to the British, 6th October 1917. Abdicated in favour of his only surviving son, 29th April 1920. His long and relativelt successful reign saw a huge improvement in the administration of the state and the living conditions of the people. Schools, hospitals, dispensaries, roads and communications of all kinds were built throughout his domains. Rcvd: KIH (1877), and Delhi Durbar gold medals (1903 & 1911). m. (first) 1876, H.H. Puarji Maharani Shri Mai Sahiba (d. at Sirohi, 24th April 1899), daughter of H.H. Rajadhiraja Maharana 108 Shri Jhalam Singhji Sahib, Maharana of Danta. m. (second) 1884, H.H. Chavdaji Maharani Sahiba (d. at Sirohi, four days after the birth of her son, 1892), a daughter of Thakore Shri Kishorsinhji Motisinhji Chawda, Thakore Sahib of Varsoda, by his first wife. m. (third) at the Raj Mahal, Dharampur, 1888, H.H. Sisodiji Maharani Nand Kunverba Sahiba (b. at the Raj Mahal, Dharampur, 1871; d. at Sirohi, 1897), née Chiranjivi Maharajkumari Baiji Shri Man Kunverba Sahib, fourth daughter of H.H. Namdar Shrimant Maha Mandaleshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharana Shri Narandevji II Dharma Dev Rana Raja, Raja of Dharampur, by his fourth wife, H.H. Akhand Soubhagyavati Namdar Shrimant Maharani Baiji Shri Nawa Kunverba Sahib, daughter of the Chavada Thakore of Manekpur. m. (fourth) 1901, H.H. Rathorji Maharani Sahiba (d. at Sirohi, a few days after the birth of her son, 1st March 1904), daughter of Rao Mangal Singh Bahadur, of Bhinai, CIE, in Ajmer-Merwara. He d. at the Keshri Vilas Palace, Sirohi, 15th January 1925, having had issue, four sons and three daughters:
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1920 - 1946 H.H. Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Sir Sarup Ram Singhji Bahadur, Maharao of Sirohi, GCIE (1.1.1932), KCSI (3.6.1924). b. at the Fort, Sirohi, 27th September 1888, eldest surviving son of H.H. Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharao Shri Sir Kaishru Singhji Bahadur, Maharao of Sirohi, GCIE, KCSI, by his first wife, H.H. Puarji Maharani Shri Mai Sahiba, educ. privately. Musahib-i-Ala (Chief Minister) 1911-1920. Succeeded on the abdication of his father and ascended the gadi at the Darbargadh, Sirohi, 29th April 1920. He continued much of his father's modernisation programme during his premiership and after his succession as ruler; extending the railroad, introducing electricity and telephones, building hospitals and schools, and opening the first airport. He also introduced many reforms during his lifetime, culminating in the establishment of a Council of State and High Court in 1940, together with a Central Advisory Committee and village panchayats in 1941. Patron the Sarup Club (Sirohi), etc. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar silver medal (1911), Silver Jubilee (1935), and Coron. (1937) medals. m. (first) at Bhuj, 20th November 1907, H.H. Jadeji Maharani Shri Krishna Kunverba Sahib [H.H. the Rajmata Sahiba] (b. at Prag Mahal, Bhuj; d. 1979), Regent 1946-1950, née Maharajkumari Bai Shri Takhatba Sahib, fourth and youngest daughter of Colonel H.H. Maharajadhiraj Maharao Mirza Shri Khengarji III Sawai Bahadur, Maharao of Cutch, GCSI, GCIE, by his second wife, H.H. Charadwala Maharani Bai Shri Gangabai Sahib, daughter of Raj Rana Shri Jalamsinhji [Ladhubha] Amarsinhji Sahib, of Charadwa, in Dhrangadhra state. m. (second) at Ratlam, 20th July 1913, H.H. Rathorji Maharani Shri Gopal Kunverba Sahiba (b. posthumously at Ranjit Bilas Palace, Ratlam, 30th April 1893; d. at Sirohi, 1st March 1915), née Shrimati Rajkumari Bapu Lalji Gopal Kunverba Sahiba, youngest daughter of H.H. Raja Shri Sir Ranjit Singhji Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Ratlam, KCIE, by his second wife, H.H. Jhaliji Maharani Ba Shri Baijiba Anup Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of Patvi Namdar Rajkumar Shri Jaswantsinhji Mansinhji Sahib. m. (third) at Sirohi, 12th December 1915, H.H. Waghelji Maharani Shri Man Kunverba Sahiba, daughter of the Thakur of Kunvar, in Sanand state, Gujarat. m. (fourth) 1926, H.H. Chota Rathorji Maharani Shri Sajjan Kunverba Sahiba (d. at Sirohi, 1943), daughter of the Thakur of Junia, in Ajmer-Merwara. m. (i) at Bahucharaji, 15th February 1916 ('khanda' rite), Raj Shri Chavdiji Lilavantiba Sahiba (b. at Ratlam, 12th April 1899), former wife of Hazuri Balu Valji, from Ratlam, and eldest daughter of Khawas Bhagwanji Gova, by his wife, Khawasan Mewabai, daughter of Khawas Gova Kala, of Sitapur, by whom he had issue one son (incapable of succeeding) and one daughter. m. (ii) at Lila Niwas, Bombay, 1931 (Muslim rite) Mussamat Said un-nisa Begum Sahiba, a Hindu convert to Islam. He d. from dyspnoea, at 24 Alipore Road, Delhi, 23rd January 1946 (bur. there according to Muslim rites*), having had issue, three daughters by his first wife:
Maharao Shri Sir Sarup Ram Singhji, also had issue by Raj Shri Chavdiji Lilavantiba Sahiba, one son and one daughter:
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* Maharao Shri Sir Sarup Ram Singhji, secretly converted to Islam at Indore in 1927. He confirmed both his marriage according to Muslim rites and his conversion, in a will dated 4th July 1941 and witnessed by Maharaja Sir Tej Singhji of Alwar. After Independence in 1947, his tomb was destroyed and his body removed and burned on the spot.
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