The Asaf Jahi Dynasty


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1713 - 1748 H.H. Asaf Jah I, Yamin us-Sultanat, Rukn us-Sultanat, Jumlat ul-Mulk, Madar ul-Maham, Nizam ul-Mulk, Nizam ud-Daula, Khan-i-Dauran, Nawab Mir Ghazi ud-din Khan Bahadur, Fath Jang, Sipah Salar, Nawab Subadar of the Deccan. b. at Agra, 20th August 1671 as Mir Qamar ud-din Khan, son of Farzand-i-Arjumand, Nawab Ghazi ud-din Khan Bahadur, Firuz Jang, Sipah Salar, by his first wife, Nawab Wazir un-nisa Begum Sahiba, daughter of Jumlat ul-Mulk, Nawab Sa'adu'llah Khan Bahadur, 'Allami Fahami, educ. privately. Appointed to an Imperial mansab of 400 zat and 100 sowar 1684 prom. to 500 sowar 1691, prom. to 900 sowar 1678, prom. to 3,000 zat and 500 sowar 1698, prom. to 3,500 zat and 3,000 sowar 1698, prom. to 4,000 zat and 3,000 sowar 1699, prom. to 4,000 zat and 3,600 sowar 1700, prom. to 4,000 zat and 4,000 sowar 1702, prom. to 5,000 zat and 5,000 sowar 1705, prom. to 6,000 zat and 6,000 sowar 9/12/1707, prom. to 7,000 zat and 7,000 sowar 27/1/1708, prom. to 8,000 zat and 8,000 sowar 12/1/1713, prom. to 9,000 zat and 9,000 sowar 8/2/1722. Faujdar of the Carnatic and Talikota 1701-1705, of Bijapur, Bijapuri, Azamnagar and Belgaum 1705-1706, Raichur and Talikota 1706-1707, Sakkhar and Badkal 1706-1707, and of Firoznagar and Balkona 1707, Subadar of Oudh and Faujdar of Gorakpur 9th December 1707-6th February 1711, Subadar of the Deccan and Faujdar of the Carnatic 12th January 1713-April 1715, Faujdar of Moradabad April 1717-7th January 1719, Subadar of Patna 7th February-15th March 1719, Malwa 15th March 1719-1724, and of Gujarat 1722-1724. Raised his standard of revolt and proceeded to the Deccan, 9th May 1719, taking possession of Asir on the same day, and Burhanpur 25th May 1719. Defeated the Imperial commander Sayyid Dilawar 'Ali Khan on 19th June 1720 at Hasanpu, in Handia, thereby founding an independent principality. Confirmed in his Deccani possessions by Imperial farman, 20th June 1720. Ascended the musnad at Burhanpur, 31st July 1720. Invested as Vicegerent of the Empire with the title of Waqil-i-Mutlaq 8th February 1722. Secured the Berar territories at the Battle of Sakhar Kheda on 11th October 1724. Established his capital at Hyderabad, 7th December 1724. Granted the titles of Khan 1685, prom. to Khan Bahadur 1691, prom to Chin Qilich Khan 1697, Khan-i-Dauran Bahadur 9th December 1707, Ghazi ud-din Khan Bahadur and Firuz Jang 1712, prom. to Khan-i-Khanan, Nizam ul-Mulk and Fath Jang on 12th January 1713, Asaf Jah 12th July 1737, and Amir ul-Umara and Bakshi ul-Mamaluk (Paymaster-General) 26th February 1739. m. (first) a daughter of 'Azd ud-Daula, Nawab Khwaja Muhammad Kamal 'Iwaz Khan Bahadur, Qiswara Jang, sometime Subadar of Berar. m. (second) Umda Begum Sahiba (d. at Hyderabad, 22nd February 1775). m. (third) at Aurangabad, Said un-nisa Begum Sahiba, daughter of Shaikh Najibu'llah Khan Wala Shahi, of Gulbarga, of the same family as his mother. He d. at Burhanpur, 1st June 1748 (bur. Mausoleum of Shaikh Burhan ud-din Gharib Chisti, Khuldabad, near Aurangabad), having had issue, six sons and seven daughters:
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