The Royal Family of Sailana are a junior branch of the great Rathore house, cadets of the Royal House of Jodhpur. The state owes its origins to the jagir created for Raja Jai Singhji, younger son of Raja Keshri Singhji of Ratlam, in 1716. He subsequently conquered or annexed further territories in the region and established himself as an independent ruler in 1731. The name Sailana derives from the new capital he founded by that name in 1736.

The new principality did not remain independent very long and fell under Maratha control within a few years. The whole area came under the ultimate suzerainty of the Scindias at Ujjain and Gwalior. After the British conquest of Malwa, Raja Lakshman Singh signed a treaty of protection with the HEIC in 1819, and tributary payments to Gwalior were finally ended in 1860. In 1867 the principality ranked as an eleven-gun state. For some time afterwards the Ratlam state continued to hold certain rights over customs dues within the state, and participated on the occasion of a ruler's installation, but these rights were relinquished in 1887.

Gradual reforms were introduced over the coming years, with particular attention being paid to education and the provision of vernacular educational facilities. By 1947, education and medical aid were provided free of charge, the local municipality was placed on a democratic footing and the judiciary and executive made independent of each other. Although the economy was primarily agricultural, some limited industrialisation included oil mills, and iron and steel works.

The Raja acceded to the Dominion of India in 1947 and joined his fellow rulers in the establishment of the Madhya Bharat Union in 1948.

Rathore clan of Rajputs.

11-guns (1867).

Gules, a falcon close argent within a bordure tenne. Helmet: argent. Crest: A leopard's head erased sable on a wreath. Supporters: Boars argent. Motto: "Nabhayam Ishat-Mahadasritam" (In the protection of the great, there is not the least fear) or on a riband tenne. Lambrequins: Gules and argent.

A red triangular flag with the arms in colour in the centre.

The ruling prince: Raja Shreeman (personal name) Singhji Bahadur, Raja of Sailana, with the style of His Highness.
The consort of the ruling prince: Shrimati Rani (personal name) Baiji Sahiba, Rani of Sailana, with the style of Her Highness.
The Heir Apparent: Yuvraj Shreeman Sahib Maharajkumar (personal name) Singhji Sahib.
The brothers of the ruling prince: Shreeman Maharaj (personal name) Singhji Sahib.
The sisters-in-law of the ruling prince: Shrimati Rani (personal name) Sahiba.
The sons and grandsons of the ruling prince, during the lifetime of their father: Shreeman Maharaj Kunwar (personal name) Singhji Sahib.
The grandsons of the ruling prince, during the lifetime of their father: Shreeman Rajkumar (personal name) Singhji Sahib.
The daughters of the ruling prince: Shrimati Rajkumari Bapu (personal name) Kanwarji Sahiba.
The granddaughters of the ruling prince: Shrimati Rajkumari Bapu Bhanwar (personal name) Kanwarji Sahiba.

None known.

Male primogeniture, with the right of adoption by the recognised head of the family on the failure of natural male heirs.

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Maharaj Bishwajeet Singh Rathore, of Dhampur.
Aditya Sinhji Jhala.
Deepshikha Rathore.
Colonel Maharaj Ranvir Vikram Singh.
Father Lawrence Ober, SJ.
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