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1897 - 1915 H.H. Maharana Shri Sir Chhatrasinhji Gambhirsinhji Sahib, Raja of Rajpipla, KCIE (12.12.1911). b. at Nandod, 18th December 1862, eldest son of H.H. Maharana Shri Gambhirsinhji Verisalji Sahib, Raja of Rajpipla, educ. Rajkumar Coll, Rajkot. Served as a magistrate and revenue officer before his accession. Succeeded on the death of his father, 10th January 1897. Installed on the gadi at the Fort, Rajpipla, 20th May 1897. Instrumental in saving thousands of lives during the epic famines of 1899-1902, granting famine relief during this period amounting to nearly Rs 8 lakhs. Visited England and Europe in 1897, 1904, 1906, 1909, and 1911. Rcvd: Diamond Jubilee medal (1897), Delhi Durbar gold medals (1903 and 1911), and Coron medal (1911). m. (first) at Wankaner, H.H. Wankanerwala Maharani Shri Phool Kunverba Sahiba (d. Chattra Niwas Palace, Nandod, 20th November 1920), elder daughter of Maharana Raj Shri Banesinhji Jaswantsinhji Sahib, Maharana Raj Sahib of Wankaner. m. (second) H.H. Maharani Shri Sardar Kunverba Sahiba (d. before 1911), second daughter of Rajaji Maharaol Shri Jitsinhji Maansinhji Sahib, Raja of Chhota Udepur. m. (third) H.H. Maharani Shri Manhar Kunverba Sahiba (d. at Nandod, 24th April 1958), daughter of Mahida Shri Durjansinhji, of Chandod, Baroda. He d. suddenly, at Poona, 26th September 1915, having had issue, four sons and four daughters:
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1915 - 1951 Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Maharana Shri Sir Vijaysinhji Chhatrasinhji Sahib, Maharaja of Rajpipla, GBE (c 1.1.1945), KCSI (1.1.1925). b. at Chhatra Vilas Palace, Nandod, 30th January 1890, eldest son of H.H. Maharana Shri Sir Chhatrasinhji Gambhirsinhji Sahib, Raja of Rajpipla, KCIE, by his first wife, H.H. Wankanerwala Maharani Shri Phool Kunverba Sahiba, educ. Rajkumar Coll, Rajkot, and with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun. Succeeded on the death of his father, 20th September 1915. Invested with full ruling powers at the Fort, Rajpipla, 10th December 1915. Hon Capt IA 14/10/1919, and Hon Officer 27th Light Cavalry, prom Hon Maj 8/9/1932, and Hon Lieut-Col 10/9/1943. Granted the hereditary title of Maharaja and a permanent salute of 13-guns, in recognition of war services, 1st January 1921. Mbr Chhota Udepur Regency Council 1946-1948. Signed the instrument of accession to the Dominion of India, 15th August 1947. Merged his state into the Bombay Presidency, 10th June 1948 (Gujarat since May 1960). Mbr Royal Western India Turf Club, Willingdon Sports (Bombay), Cricket Club of India (Bombay), Poona Club 1931-1951, etc. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar silver (1911), Silver Jubilee (1935), Coron (1937), British War (1945), India Service (1945), and Indian Independence (1948) medals. m. (first) at Amleta, 2nd March 1911, H.H. Maharani Uday Kunverba Sahiba [Ratlam Basaheb] (d. 31st January 1961), daughter of Rao Bahadur Maharaj Shri Raghunath Singhji Sahib, of Amleta, under Ratlam. m. (second) at Panna, 18th June 1917, H.H. Maharani Padmini Kunverba Sahiba [Panna Basaheb] (b. at Panna, posthumously, 1902; d. 17th September 1983), younger daughter of Shri Shri Rao Raja Kuman Singh Ju Deo Sahib Bahadur, of Panna, by his second wife, the Nanhi Rao Rani Sahiba, daughter of Sawai Rao Sahib Bahadur Dewan Kamod Singh. m. (third) at the Fort, Rajpipla, 5th January 1940, H.H. Maharani Ella Devi Sahiba [Ella Devi Rajpipla] (b. 11th September 1905; d. in Northern Surrey, May 1995), née Atherton. He d. at The Manor, Old Windsor, Berks, 29th April 1951 (cremated at Rampura, on the banks of the Narmada), having had issue, six sons and five daughters:
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