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The genealogy of this family is given here because some members have put forward a claim to the Hawaiian Royal succession. It is impossible to reconcile these claims with any of the rules of succession or selection, established by any of the constitutions promulgated by the Kingdom of Hawaii before 1895. They certainly do not conform to the laws of the last constitution of 1887. This constitution, though superseded, was never legally revoked.

It would seem that the claim rests primarily on the possible attendance of Alii Theresa Owana Kaohelelani La'anui Rives, as a pupil of the Royal School in Honolulu. Established under the direction of Mr Amos S. Cooke, an American missionary, to educate the children of the Royal family and families connected to it, the school operated for a brief period and closed ca. 1850. Mere attendance at an institution seems insufficient to establish any claim to the succession. Moreover, it does not seem to conform to any known system of hereditary inheritance or selection, either Hawaiian or foreign. Contemporary documentation, similarly fails to substantiate the claims to, or use of, regal titles for this lady and any members of her family.
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Captain William Slocum Wilcox. b. at Newport, Rhode Island, USA, 4th December 1814, son of Charles Wilcox, by his wife, Hannah, daughter of John Slocum, of Middletown, Newport, Rhode Is. Sheriff of Kuai. Rcvd: Officer of the Order of the Crown of Hawaii (1883). m. 1854, Alii Kalua Makole-o-kalani Hiapo (b. 1836; d. 1865), daughter of Haupa, by his wife, Alii Makole-o-kalani Hiapo, daughter of Alii Na'aieono. He d. 4th January 1910, having had issue, four sons and two daughters:
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