The Zand Dynasty


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Zand-i-Balge, of Luristan. m. and had issue two sons:Copyright©Christopher BuyersCopyright©Christopher
1782 - 1785 H.M. Zill-u'llah 'Ali Murad Shah, Shahanshah of Persia, son of 'Allah Murad Qaytus Khan-e Zand Hazara, by his wife, H.M. the Mahd-i-'Aliya, elder daughter of Budak Khan-e Zand. Established his capital at Isfahan in rivalry to his cousins immediately after the death of Karim Khan, and proclaimed as Shah, March 1779. Captured Shiraz from his cousin, the Regent Muhammad Sadiq Khan, and crowned, 2nd March 1782. m. (first) ca. 1783, Shah Jahan Begum, 'Alias Bibi Khanum (b. 1740), widow of H.H. Muhammad Sadiq Bahadur Khan-e Zand, I'timad ud-Daula, Regent of Persia, and daughter of Nawab Sultan Muhammad Hasan Bahadur Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu, Ilkhani of the Qajar tribe, and Governor-General of Mazandaran, by his first wife, Jayram Begum, 'Alias Fatima Khanum, daughter of Iskander Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. m. (second) Khadija Begum Khanum, widow of H.H. Muhammad Karim Khan-e Zand, Regent of Persia and daughter of H.H. Amir Fath 'Ali Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu, Naib us-Sultana and Wakil ud-Daula. He d. at Murche-ye Khuet, 11th February 1785, having had issue, nine sons and one daughter, including:Copyright©Christopher Buyers
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1785 - 1789 H.M. Zill-u'llah Ja'afar Shah, Shahanshah of Persia. Governor of Isfahan 1780-1785. Succeeded on the death of his maternal half-brother, 11th February 1785. He was k. by Qajar forces at Shiraz, 23rd January 1789, having had issue four sons:Buyers
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1789 - 1794 H.M. Zill-u'llah Lutf 'Ali Shah, Shahanshah of Persia. b. 1766, educ. privately. Granted the title of Jahanbani by his father, 1787. Succeeded on the death of his father, 23rd January 1789. Crowned 7th May 1789. Captured after a prolonged siege at Kerman by the forces of  'Agha Muhammad Shah Qajar, 24th October 1794. Blinded and subjected to cruel indignities of every kind, his wives and harem were distributed amongst the common soldiers and the city raised to the ground. m. among other wives, Mariam Khanum. He was k. at Tehran whilst in captivity, 1794, having had issue, three sons and two daughters:
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