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1897 - 1925 Lieutenant-General H.H. Shaikh Khaz’al Khan ibn Haji Jabir Khan, Sardar-i-Aqdas, Amir of Mohammerah, GCIE (3.6.1916, KCIE 15.10.1910), KCSI (22.6.1914). b. ca. 18th August 1863, youngest son of Shaikh Haji Jabir Khan bin Shaikh ‘Ali Mirdao Al-Ka’abi, Daulat Jah, Amir of Mohammerah, by his wife, Noura, daughter of Shaikh Talal al-Rabi’ah, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his elder brother, 2nd June 1897 (confirmed by the tribal elders, 3rd July 1897). Installed 28th August 1897. Granted the titles of Mu’izz us-Sultana April 1898, Sardar-i-Arfa 1902, and Sardar-i-Aqdas May 1920. Governor of Mohammerah, Shat al-Arab, and Qarun 1898, Dir-Gen of Customs in Arabistan 1902, Deputy Governor of Khuzistan 1907-1908 and actg Governor 1916. Aptd Maj-Gen Imperial Persian Army 1898, prom Lieut-Gen 1902. Opposed Reza Shah but was eventually forced to surrender and sue for pardon, 17th December 1924. Arrested during the night of 19th April 1925 and spirited away in a Persian gunboat under cover of darkness and exiled to Tehran. Ahwaz was occupied by Reza Shah’s troops and full Iranian control established there, 20th April 1925. Thereafter kept in Tehran as an open prisoner; forbidden from travelling beyond the environs of the city, deprived of his estates, even prevented from receiving medical treatment for cateract and thus allowed to go blind. Granted a personal salute of 12-guns 22nd September 1909, prom to 13-guns with a permanent salute of 7-guns 1922. Rcvd: the Orders of the August Portrait 1st class, and the Lion and Sun 1st class (mil) of Persia, Knt of the Order of St Stanislas 1st class of Russia (1904), the Imperial Order of Osmans (Nishan-i-Osmanieh) special class of Turkey, and the Royal Victoria Badge (Wolff Medal) (1899). m. (first)  Zahra, a lady from Hilla. m. (second) H.H. Shahzadi Hamdam Khanum, Jamil us-Sultana (d. at Basra, 17th March 1909) daughter of H.H. Shahzada Jalil ud-Daula, sometime Governor of Qaradah, by whom he had issue one daughter. m. (third) at Mohammerah, ca. 1923, Batul Khanum, Fakhr-i-Sultana, daughter of H.S.H. Mirza Husain Quli Khan Mafi, Nizam us-Sultana, sometime Prime Minister of Persia, Governor-General of Arabistan and Governor of Bushire and the Gulf Ports. m. (fourth) Malika, daughter of Nasir. m. (fifth) Shuaya, daughter of Unaizal, of Bawiya. m. (sixth) Shaikha Sa’ada bint Jarrah, daughter of Shaikh Jarrah al-Bawiya. m. (seventh) Khatum bint Mard. m. (eighth) Nazifa, daughter of Mir ‘Abdu’llah bin Mir Mohenna, of Jarrah. m. (ninth) Baigum. m. (tenth) Mashqa, daughter of Yusuf. m. (eleventh) Gariya, daughter of ‘Ali. m. (twelfth) Muzakhaya. m. (thirteenth) … m. (fourteenth) Harina, daughter of Abbas. m. (fifteenth) Fatima. m. (sixteenth) Nashmiya. m. (seventeenth) Hamdan as-Safawi. m. (eighteenth) Aliya [Lahiya], daughter of Ustaid Ahmad. m. (nineteenth) Nasra, daughter of Wawai (Ma’aidiya). m. (twentieth) Rubabah, daughter of Rajat. m. (twenty-first) June 1909, a daughter of Asad Khan, of the Beni Saleh tribe of Hawizet. m. (twenty-second) at Kuwait, 1917, Amina [Umm Saud], widow of H.E. Shaikh Mubarak Pasha bin Sabah as-Sabah, the Great, Shaikh of Kuwait and dependencies, KCSI, KCIE, a former Circassian slave. m. a lady who d. of shock at Zayn, when his house was shelled by Turkish forces, 25th April 1910. He d. from a stroke, at Teheran, during the night of 24th May 1936 (bur. Al-Khazaly Al-Mirdao Family Cemetery, Najaf), having had issue, seventeen sons and eighteen daughters:
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