The Katur Dynasty


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1858 - 1892 Faiz Gangvur Huzur-i-Walashan Mehtar Shah Muhammad Aman ul-Mulk II, Mehtar of Chitral and Yasin, Master of Ghizr, Ishkoman and Suzerain of Kafiristan. b. at Chitral, ca. 1821, second son of Shah Muhammad Afzal II, Mehtar of Chitral, educ. privately. Governor of Drasin before his accession. Succeeded on the deposition of his elder brother, 1858. Occupied and assumed control over Yasin, Kush, Ghizr and Ishkoman, following the flight of Pahlawan Bahadur, 1880. Attacked the forces of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, took Puniyal and laid siege to his garrison at Gilgit. Defeated and forced to accept a treaty of friendship and protection with Kashmir in 1877. m. (first) Dir Khonza, a daughter of Khan Ghazzan Khan, Khan of Dir. m. (second) Asmara Khonza, sister of the Khan of Asmar, in Afghansitan. m. (third) another sister of the Khan of Asmar, in Afghanistan. m. (fourth) a daughter of Khan Ghazzan Khan, Khan of Dir. m. (fifth) Wershik Khonza I, of the Kushwakhte clan of Yasin. m. (sixth) Wershik Khonza II, of the Kushwakhte clan of Yasin. m. (seventh) Reza Khonza, a lady from the Reza-khel clan. m. (eighth) Sayyida Khonza, daughter of an Ismaili Sayyid , who had six sons and four daughters. m. (a) Khotek Nan, of Zondre clan, who had two sons and one daughter. m. (b) Kareku Nan, from the Karek clan, who had one son. m. (c) Dasmanne Nan, of the Dashmanne clan of Laspur, who had two sons and one daughter. m. (d) Barwuchi Nan, who had four sons and one daughter. m. (e) Sonoqrichi Nan, of the Zondre clan, of Yarkhun, who had three daughters. m. (f) ... m. (g) Wershik Nan, of the Kushwakhte clan of Yasin, who had one son and one daughter. m. (h) Yarkhunik Nan, of Yarkhun, who had two daughters. m. (i) ... m. (j) .. m. (k) Terichegh Nan, who had one daughter. m. (l) Turkhorichi Nan, of Turkho, who had three daughters. He d. at Chitral Fort, 30th August 1892 (bur. there at the Mitarqabristan), having had issue, seventy-two children, including thirteen sons who survived him:
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