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1999 -  H.M. ‘Abdu’llah II, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, GCB (m 6.11.2001), GCMG (12.5.1999), KCVO (26.3.1984). b. at Amman, 30th January 1962, eldest son of H.M. Hussein I, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, GCB, GCVO, GCStJ, Royal Victorian Chain, by his second wife, H.R.H. Princess Muna al-Hussein, née Antoinette Avril Gardiner, educ. Islamic Scientific Coll, Amman, St Edmund’s Sch, Surrey, Eaglebrook Sch and Deerfield Acad, Massachusetts, USA, Oxford Univ, Georgetown Univ, Washington DC, and RMA Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut 13th/18th Royal Hussars 11/4/1981, prom troup ldr and served in West Germany, prom Capt Jordan Arab Army, coy cdr 91st Armoured bde 1984, attached as instructor RJAF Helicopter Anti-Tank Wing 1986-1987, transf 17th Tank Btn, 2nd Royal Guards Bde 1988, Maj and 2nd-in-cmd 1989, Lt-Col cdg 2nd Armoured Car Regt, 40th Bde 1991-1993, Col and dep cdr Special Forces 1993-1994, Brig-Gen and cdr Special Forces 1994-1997, cdr special operations 1997-1998, prom Maj-Gen 1998, cdr Royal Guards Bde 1998-1999. Appointed as Crown Prince by his father, and became Regent during the incapacity of his father, 25th January 1999. Succeeded on the death of his father, 7th February 1999. Field Marshal Jordan Arab Army and Marshal of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, 7/2/1999. Colonel-in-Chief The Light Dragoons, RAC, 1/7/2003. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Star of Jordan, Independence, and al-Hussein Order of Military Merit, Long Service, Administrative & Leadership Competence, and Training Competence medals, Knt of the Order of the Seraphim of Sweden (7.10.2003), Grand Collar of the Order of Makarios III of Cyprus (17.12.2021), Collar of the Orders of the Chrysanthemum of Japan (26.11.1999, GC x.11.1993), al-Khalifa of Bahrain (4.11.1999), and the Star of Rumania (19.12.2005), GC of the Orders of the Netherlands Lion (30.10.2006), and House of Orange (7.12.1994) of the Netherlands, Carlos III with collar (21.4.2006), Isabella the Catholic with collar (18.10.1999), and Military Merit in white (15.9.1995) of Spain, Merit of the Lebanon special class (14.9.1999), St Olav of Norway with collar (4.4.2000), Merit of the Republic of Italy with collar (9.2.2001, GC 15.1.1987), Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany special class (21.10.2002), Sun of Peru (31.5.2005), the Infante Dom Henrique (5.3.2008) and St James of the Sword (16.3.2009) of Portugal, White Rose with collar of Finland (10.10.2010), White Lion with collar of the Czech Republic (11.2.2015), Leopold of Belgium (18.5.2016), the Grand Order of Mungunghwa of Korea (4.12.1999), Family Order of the Crown of Brunei (DKMB) (13.5.2008), the Orders of the Grand Conqueror of Libya 1st class (1.9.1999), Merit 1st class (22.6.2011) and of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 1st class (23.4.2002) of the Ukraine, Al-Quds 1st class of Palestine (21.11.2015), Golden Fleece of Georgia (29.5.2022) and the Decoration of al-Fattah Revolution 1st class of Libya (11.10.2009), the Grand Star of the Decoration of Honour for Merit of Austria (22.1.2001), the Gold Honorary Badge of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia (26.2.2002), Medal for 10 years of Astana of Kazakhstan (18.5.2008), the Collar of Abu Bakr 1st class of the Arab Red Crescent & Red Cross Org (25.1.2017), etc. m. at Amman, 10th June 1993, H.M. Queen Rania al-‘Abdu’llah (b. at Kuwait City, 31st August 1970), educ. New English Sch, Kuwait City, and the American Univ of Cairo, Egypt, rcvd: GC of the Orders of Hussein ibn ‘Ali with collar (9.6.1999), Mbr of the Order of the Seraphim of Sweden (7.10.2003), GC of the Orders of Carlos III (21.4.2006) and Isabella the Catholic (18.10.1999) of Spain, Precious Crown of Japan (26.11.1999), Merit of the Republic of Italy (9.2.2001), Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany special design (21.10.2002), the Netherlands Lion (30.10.2006), the Infante Dom Henrique (5.3.2008) and St James of the Sword (16.3.2009) of Portugal, Leopold of Belgium (18.5.2016), St Olav of Norway (2.3.2020), the Order of al-Khalifa 1st class of Bahrain (4.11.1999), the Most Esteemed Family Order (DK) of Brunei (13.5.2008), the Grand Decoration of Honour for Merit in gold with sash of the Republic of Austria (22.1.2001), etc, Presdt Jordan River Fdn 1995, Jordan Soc for Organ Donation, Blood Disease Soc, younger daughter of Dr Faisal Sedki Al-Yassin, of Kuwait, formerly of Tulkarem, Palestine. He has issue, two sons and two daughters:
  • 1) Captain H.R.H. Crown Prince Hussein al-‘Abdu’llah. b. at Amman, 28th June 1994, educ. King’s Acad, Madaba-Manja, Jordan, and Georgetown Univ (B.Sc. 2016), Washington DC, USA, and RMA Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey. Appointed as Heir Apparent with the title of Crown Prince by his father, 2nd July 2009. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut (SC) Jordan Arab Army 2011, prom 1st-Lieut 2012, cdr Motorised Infantry Pltn, Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II Mechanized Bde since 2021, prom Capt 11/11/2021. Chair The Crown Prince Fndn since 2015, UN Global Forum for Youth, Peace & Security 2015 (Amman), and Aqaba Special Economic Region Authority (ASEZA). Rcvd: GC of the Order of Independence (2020), al-Hussein Order of Military Merit 3rd class, King Hussein Medal of Excellence, Medals for Administration & Technical Competence, the Collar of the King Hamad Order of the Renaissance of Bahrain (5.2.2019), GC of the Order of St Olav of Norway (2.3.2020). Engaged at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 18th August 2022, Rajwa (b. at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 28th April 1994), educ. Syracuse Univ (BA), New York, USA, architect, younger daughter of Khalid bin Musaid bin Saif bin ‘Abdu’l Aziz al-Saif, of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, originally from the Al-Attar, Sudair, Najd, Chair Al-Seef Engineering Contracting Co, by his wife, Azza bint Naif bin ‘Abdu’l Aziz al-Sudairi, daughter of Naif bin ‘Abdu’l Aziz bin Ahmad al-Sudairi, of Al-Attar, Sudair, Najd, a maternal first cousin of H.M. King Salman bin ‘Abdu’l Aziz al-Saud, King of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2) H.R.H. Prince Hashim. b. at King Hussein Medical City, Amman, 30th January 2005. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut (SC) Jordan Arab Army 6/9/2021.
  • 1) H.R.H. Princess Iman. b. at Amman, 27th September 1997, educ. International Acad, Amman, and Georgetown Univ, Washington DC, USA. m. at Beit al-Urdun Palace, Amman, 12th March 2023, Jameel [Jim] Alexander Thermiotis (b. at Caracas, Venezuela, 28th April 1994), educ. Escuela Campo Alegre (ECA), Caracas, Venezuela, and Florida International Univ (BSc), Westchester, Florida, USA, employed with DPM Capital LLC in New York 2016-2018, Head of Business Development AMARLA Retail SA in Athens 2018-2020, Managing Partner Outbound Ventures LLC, New York, since 2015, neé Dimitrios Alejandro Thermiotis Hernández, eldest son of George Alexander Thermiotis [Jorge Alejandro Thermiotis Felizari], of Miami, Florida, USA, and Caracas, Venezuela, by his wife, Maria Corina Hernández de Thermiotis, artist, photographer and furniture designer, née Maria Corina Hernández Pérez Rendiles.
  • 2) H.R.H. Princess Salma. b. at King Hussein Medical City, Amman, 26th September 2000, educ. International Acad, Amman, RMA Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey, and the Univ of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut (SC) Jordan Arab Army 24/11/2018.
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