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 Copyright©1929 - [1975] Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Paduka Sri Maha Tuan as-Sultan Iskandar Muhammad Jabir Shah, Sultan of Ternate. b. at Ternate, 4th March 1902, second son of H.H. Paduka Sri Maha Tuan as-Sultan Taj ul-Mahsil Binayatu’llah al-Hannan Siraj ul-Mulk Amir ud-din Iskandar V Munawar as-Saddik Wahuwa min al-‘Adilin Shah, Sultan of Ternate, by his second wife, H.H. Jou ma-Boki Mihir, educ. Malay Sch, Bandung, Java, Europese Lagere Sch, Ternate, Europese Lagere Sch, Christelyke Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs, and Hogere Burger Sch, Batavia, Java. Exiled to Bandung with his father 1915. Mbr Partai Sarekat Islam 1920-1925, komis at central office of SS in Bandung, ambtenaar ter beschikking in Bima 1925, later in Sumbawa Besar. Restored in his father’s stead, 2nd September 1929. Installed at Ternate, 21st February 1930. Evacuated to Australia by Allied forces, together with his wife and family, 8th October 1945. Cmsnd. as Lieut-Col KNIL 1944, and served during WW2 1944-1946, Mbr Cncl. of the Provisional Govt of the NEI 1944-1947, Senator for the North Moluccas State the East Indonesia 1948-1950, Minister for Internal Affairs 1949-1950. Served in the Ministry of the Interior at Jakarta during Sukarno’s presidency. Attended the Solemn Investiture of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands at the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, 1948. Rcvd: Officer Order of Orange-Nassau (mil 4.9.1946), Queen Juliana Solemn Investiture medal (6.9.1948), etc. m. (first) at Ternate, Hamida, a lady from Soa Sio. m. (second) at Bacan, 13th May 1930, H.H. Jou ma-Boki Mariam (b. at Bacan, 17th December 1914; d. ca. January 2001), rcvd: Queen Juliana Solemn Investiture medal (6.9.1948), daughter ofH.H. as-Sultan ibnu us-Sultan Almafudl Bifadlillahil Malik ul-Wahab Siraj ul-Mulki Amir ud-din Wahua Putra Muhammad ‘Usman Shah, Sultan of Bacan. He d. at Jakarta, Java, 4th July 1975 (bur. there, transferred to Ternate Royal Cemetery, behind the Masjid Raya Sultan), having had issue, five sons and three daughters:
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 Copyright© 1975 – 2015 H.H. Paduka Sri Maha Tuan as-Sultan Haji Muzaffar Shah II [Dr Mudaffar Syah], Sultan of Ternate. b. at Ternate, 13th April 1935, as Kyai Chili Putra Muzaffar Shah, third son of Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Paduka Sri Maha Tuan as-Sultan Iskandar Muhammad Jabir Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Amir ud-din Iskandar V Munawar as-Saddik Wahuwa min al-‘Adilin Shah, Sultan of Ternate, by his second wife, H.H. Jou Ma Boki Mariam, educ. SR, Ternate, SMP, Makasar, SMA, Jakarta, Univ Swasta Chairun, Ternate, and Faculty of Letters, Univ of Indonesia (Ph.D. 1984). Succeeded on the death of his father as Head of the Royal House of Ternate, 4th July 1975. Installed with the title of Paduka Sri Maha Tuan as-Sultan Haji Muzaffar Shah II, at Ternate, 29th November 1986. MHR Maluku Utara 1971-1977, and Maluku 1978-1988, sometime Presdt of the provincial assembly of Malukku Utara. Reprimanded by the central authorities in September 2000, for attempting to protect his Christian subjects during the communal disturbances of 1999. Exiled by order of the Government of Indonesia in September 2000, but later permitted to return to Ternate and resume his duties. Due to his increasing ill health, a regency was appointed to act for him in the person of Munir Amal Tomagola, the Kiemalaha Tomagola, 26th December 2014. m. (first) Elisabeth Petronella [Nelly], née Manoppo, a lady from Menado, a distant relative of the Rajas of Bolang-Mongondo. m. (second) Thalha binti Mahri, a lady of Arab descent. m. (third) Drevenlya, née Amahorsea. m. (fourth) H.H. Jou ma-Boki Dr Nita Budhi Susanti* (b. at Semarang, Java, 7th July 1968), educ. SD Kanisius, SMPN 1, and SMAN I, Kendal, STIE Semarang, Moestopo Univ, Jakarta, and Diponegoro Univ, Semarang, Java, a journalist in Semarang 1990, Marketing Mngr PT Dewasa Unggul Jati in Tangerang 1992-2000, Cmsnr PT Fujita Iron Works 1992-2000, DIR CV Ake Gurace in Ternate since 2004, Cmsnr PR Royal Ternate Multidaya since 2004, Mbr Provincial Assembly of Malukku Utara 2004-2009, MHR for Malukku Province since 2009, Chair North Maluku Provincial Mass Democratic Front (DPD), Nusantara Palace Council (DEWAKARA) 2009, Patron Sultanate of Ternate Studio since 2001, and Suara Istana Hawaiian music group since 2008, Trustee North Malukku Cooperatives Brd since 2006, Adviser Muslimat NU Provinsi Maluku Utara since 2004, North Malukku Child Creativity Studio since 2004, North Malukku Conscious Reading Movement since 2004, All-Indonesia Village Govt Assoc since 2007, North Malukku Provincial Youth Pancasila Org since 2005, North Malukku Women’s Org since 2005, Indonesian Film Arts Fed (PARFI) since 2005, and North Malukku Brd for Promoting Professional Journalism 2009, raised to the title of Jou ma-Boki 19th December 2001, and later prom. to Boki Ratu (rescinded by the Kiemalaha Tomagola, 27th February 2015), a descendant of the Royal House of Surakarta, in Java. He d. at Pondok Indah Hospital Jakarta, Java, 19th February 2015, having had issue, seven sons and six daughters:
Sultan Haji Muzaffar Shah II has also adopted a daughter:
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