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courtesy of D.P. Tick, "Pusaka"1893 - 1939 Lieutenant-General H.P.H. Sampeyan Dalam ingkang Sinuhun ingkang Minula saha ingkang Wijaksana Kanjeng Susuhanan Prabhu Sri Paku Buwana X Senapati ing Alaga Ngah 'Abdu'l-Rahman Saiyid ud-din Panatagama [Sunan Wijaksana], Susuhanan of Surakarta. b. 29th November 1866, as Radin Mas Gusti Sayyid ud-din Malik ul-Kusna, ninth son of Major-General H.H. Susuhanan Prabhu Sri Paku Buwana IX [Sunan Bangun Kraton], Susuhanan of Surakarta, by his principal wife, Bandara Radin Ajeng Kustiyah/Kanjeng Ratu Sri Paku Buwana IX, educ. privately. Appointed as Heir Apparent and invested with the title of Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Anum Amangku Negara Sudibya Rajaputra Narendra ing Mataram, 1869. Succeeded on the death of his father, 17th March 1893. Crowned at Kraton Surakarta, 30th March 1893. Granted the title of Zeine Vorstelijke Hoogheid (His Princely Highness), 21st January 1932. Cmsnd as Hon Lt-Col KNIL 1884, prom Col 1890, Maj-Gen 15/6/1893, and Lt-Gen KNL 30/8/1923. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Netherlands Lion (21.1.1932) and Orange-Nassau (mil 10.5.1922), XV Long Service Medal of the Netherlands, GC of the Orders of the White Elephant (1929), and Crown of Siam (6.7.1896) of Siam, Royal Order of Cambodia, Wendish Crown of Mecklenburg (1910), Nishan al-Iftikhar of Tunis, Christ of Portugal (5.1.1929), Dragon of Annam, Leopold (c 1935) and Leopold II of Belgium (mil 1920), Merit of Austria (1926), North Star of Sweden (1932), the Star of Anjuan of France (1936), Crown of Italy, the Brilliant Jade (second grade) of China, and the Sharifian Order of Alaoui of Morocco (1936), 1st class of the Orders of Khim Khanh of Annam, and 2nd class with star of the Orders of St Michael of Bavaria, Red Eagle of Prussia, and Franz Josef of Austria, Cdr 1st class of the Orders of Henry the Lion of Brunswick (1910), Dannebrog of Denmark, and the Black Star of Benin of France, GO of the Order of the Bust of Bolivar of Venezuela, and the Order of the Double Dragon 2nd class 2nd grade of China. m. (first) 7th August 1890, Gusti Radin Ajeng Sumarti/Kanjeng Gusti Ratu Adipati Anum (cre. 7th August 1890)/Kanjeng Gusti Ratu Paku Buwana (cre. 1893) (b. 6th December 1862; d.s.p.m. 3rd January 1924), daughter of Colonel H.H. Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangku Negara IV Senapati ing Ayuda, by his wife, Bandara Radin Ajeng Dunuk, daughter of H.H. Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangku Negara III Senapati ing Ayuda. m. (second) at Kraton Yogyakarta, 2nd October 1915, Gusti Bandara Radin Ajeng Mur Sudarinah/Radin Ajeng J Kirana Rukmi/Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Mas (cre. 27th October 1915) (b. at Kraton Yogyakarta, 1893; d. at Kraton Surakarta, 28th May 1944, bur. Istana Girimulya, Imagiri Royal Cemetery, Bantul), rcvd: Bintang Sri Kabadya I, Paku Buwana X 40th Anniversary (21.1.1932), Gusti Raden Ayu Sekar Kedaton (2.10.1934) medals, Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (30.8.1930) and Netherlands Red Cross Decoration for Merit, and GC of the Order of Chula Chom Klao of Siam, thirty ninth daughter of H.H. Sampeyan Dalam ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Sri Amengku Buwana VII Senapati ing Alaga ‘Abdu’l-Rahman Saiyid ud-din Panatagama Khalifatu’llah ingkang Kaping, Sultan of Yogyakarta. m. (1) Radin Ayu Adipati Sedamira [RAy Sedahmirah]. m. (2) Radin Ayu Imba Rukmi [RAy Himbarukmi]. m. (3) Radin Ayu Riya Suwanda I [RAy Rio Suwondo I]. m. (4) Gusti Radin Ayu Mandaya Ratna [RAy Mandojoretno]. m. (5) Radin Ajeng Ratna Purnama [RAj Retno Purnomo]. m. (6) Radin Ayu Riya Mandaya Rana [RAy Rio Mandojorono]. m. (7) Radin Ayu Ranga Rukmi [RAy Renggorukmi I]. m. (8) Radin Ayu Sita Rukmi [RAy Sitorukmi]. m. (9) Radin Ayu Seja Rukmi [RAy Setjorukml]. m. (10) Radin Ayu Kumuda Rukmi [RAy Kumudorukmi]. m. (11) Radin Ayu Pandama Rukmi I [RAy Pandamrukmi I]. m. (12) Radin Ayu Susila Rukmi [RAy Susilorukmi]. m. (13) Radin Ayu Kirana Rukmi [RAy Kironorukmi I]. m. (14) Radin Ayu Riya Sukantha [RAy Rio Sugondo]. m. (15) Radin Ayu Puja Rukmi [RAy Pudjorukmi]. m. (16) Radin Ayu Trenggana Rukmi II [RAy Trenggono Rukmi II]. m. (17) Radin Ayu Teja Rukmi [RAy Tedjorukmi]. m. (18) Radin Ayu Purnama Rukmi [RAy Purnomorukmi]. m. (19) Radin Ayu Ranga Rukmi II [RAy Renggorukmi II]. m. (20) Radin Ayu Chandra Rukmi II [RAy Tjondrorukmi II]. m. (21) Radin Ayu Riya Suwanda II [RAy Rio Suwondo II]. m. (22) Radin Ayu Pradaparukmi [RAy Pradoporukmi]. m. (23) Radin Ayu Pandama Rukmi [RAy Pandamrukmi]. m. (24) Radin Ayu Ismayu Rukmi [RAy Ismoyorukmi]. m. (25) Radin Ayu Sudamarukmi [RAy Sudomorukmi]. m. (26) Radin Ayu Kirana Rukmi II [RAy Kironorukmi II]. m. (27) Radin Ayu Riya Ruyastuti [RAy Rio Ruyastuti]. m. (28) Radin Ayu Suminta Rukmi [RAy Sumintorukmi]. m. (29) Radin Ayu Suprabhu Rukmi [RAy Suproborukmi]. m. (30) Radin Ayu Widastuti I [RAy Widastuti I]. m. (31) Radin Ayu Riya Gandastuti [RAy Rio Gondostuti]. m. (32) Radin Ayu Dharmastuti [RAy Darmastuti]. m. (33) Radin Ayu Widastuti II [RAy Widastuti II]. m. (34) Radin Ayu Lakshminta Rukmi [RAy Laksmintorukmi]. m. (35) Radin Ayu Ganda Rukmi [RAy Gondorukmi]. m. (36) Radin Ayu Puspita Rukmi [RAy Puspitarukmi]. m. (37) Kanjeng Radin Ayu Adipati Tasik Wulan [KRAyA Tasikwulan]. m. (38) Radin Ayu Wiknaya Rukmi [RAy Wiknyorukmi]. m. (39) Radin Ayu Asmara Rukmi [RAy Asmororukmi]. m. (40) Radin Ayu Chitra Rukmi [RAy Tjitrorukmi]. m. (41) Radin Ayu Setia Rukmi [RAy Setiorukmi]. m. (42) Radin Ayu Murti Rukmi [RAy Murtirukmi]. m. (43) Radin Ayu Jati [RAy Djati]. He d. at Kraton, Surakarta, 20th February 1939 (bur. Istana Girimulya, Imagiri Royal Cemetery, Bantul), having had issue seventy children, of whom thirty-three sons and thirty-four daughters survived infancy:
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