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Copyright© Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington, London1782 - 1799 H.M. Fath ‘Ali Khan Tipu Sultan Padshah Bahadur, Padshah of Khudadad. b. at Devanahalli, Bangalore, 20th November 1750, eldest son of Nawab Hyder ‘Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Hydernagar, by his second wife, Fakhr un-nisa Fatima Begum, educ. privately. Entered the Mysore service. Granted the titles of Nasib ud-Daula, Fath ‘Ali Khan Bahadur, and Nawab, by the Nizam of Hyderabad, 11th June 1767. Granted the title of Wala Qadr, by his father. Succeeded on the death of his father as Nawab of Hydernagar and ascended the musnaid at Chittur, taking the title of Nawab Tipu Sultan Bahadur, 28th December 1782. Appointed as Sarvadhikari or Chief Minister of Mysore, in succession to his late father, 2nd January 1783. Installed as Nawab of Hydernagar at Bednur, 4th May 1783. Deposed the hereditary Maharaja of Mysore, assumed total power, and established the new state of Khudadad in 1786. Threw off any semblance of allegiance to the Mughal Emperor by substituting his own name at Friday prayers, citing that the Emperor was now a prisoner of Scindia and a mere cipher. Proclaimed himself Padshah at the Lal Bagh Mosque, Seringapatam, January 1786. His administration set about eradicating Hindu influence throughout the region, traditional rulers were deposed, dispossessed or murdered and their territories seized, place names changed to Islamic derivatives, Muslim laws declared paramount, conversions “encouraged”, and a new calendar invented. m. (first) at Seringapatam, 1774, Sultan Begum [H.H. Padshah Begum Sahiba] (d. at Fort Vellore, before 30th April 1835, bur. there), daughter of Imam Sahib Bakshi, a Navayat of Arcot. m. (second) at Seringapatam, 1774, on the same night as his first wife, Ruqaya Banu Begum [H.H. Nawab Begum Sahiba](d. from fright during the British attack at Seringapatam, 24th February 1792), daughter of Lala Mian, by his wife, the eldest daughter of Tipu’s uncle, Shahbaz ‘Ali Khan Bahadur [Ismail Sahib]. m. (third) at Seringapatam, 1795, Khadija uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba (d. in childbirth, at Seringapatam, 1797), daughter of Mir Muin ud-din Khan [Sayyid Sahib], sometime Killadar of Gurumkonda. m. (fourth) Buranti Begum Sahiba, daughter of Mir Muhammad Pasand Beg, a nobleman from Delhi, by his wife, a daughter of Sayyid Muhammad Khan, sometime Subedar of Kashmir. m. (i) Srimati Jubra Begum Sahiba [Sahibzadi Zuhura Begum] (d. ca. 1848) (one of the following?). m. (ii) at Seringapatam, after 1788, Maharajkumari Devamajji Ammani Avaru (d.s.p. at Nalknad Palace, Coorg, before 1852), daughter of Maharaja Siribayi Singha Rajendra [Lingaraja I] Wodeyar, Maharaja of Coorg, returned to her family by the British in 1799. m. (iii) at Seringapatam, after 1788, Maharajkumari Nilammajji Ammani Avaru (d.s.p. at Nalknad Palace, Coorg, 1865), daughter of Maharaja Siribayi Singha Rajendra [Lingaraja I] Wodeyar, Maharaja of Coorg, returned to her family by the British in 1799. m. (iv) a member of the Mysore Royal Family. m. (v) a member of the Mysore Royal Family. m. (vi) a member of the Mysore Royal Family. m. (vii) a niece of Mir Miran Purnaiya, of Yelandur, sometime Dewan and Regent of Mysore. m. (viii) Roshani Begum Sahiba (d. at Calcutta, 14th December 1821, bur. there at the Mysore Family Cemetery, Kalighat Park), alias Pum Kusur, a former dancing girl from Adoni. m. (ix) Fahmida Begum Sahiba. m. (x) Mirza Begum Sahiba. m. (xi) Solia Begum, sister of Sikanabad Begum. m. (xii) Sikanabad Begum Sahiba, sister of Solia Begum. m. (xiii) Zafaran Sahiba. m. (xiv) Durdana Begum Sahiba, one of twenty women purchased in Delhi for his father Nawab Hyder ‘Ali Khan Bahadur, Suba of Sira, Nawab of Hydernagar. m. (a) Rahmat un-nisa, daughter of Mirza Muhammad Musa Reza Sahib. m. (b) Umm Ghulam Muhammad (d. at Calcutta, 7th October 1851). m. (c) Umm Ghulam Ahmad (d. before 8th November 1852). m. (d) … Bibi (d. at Calcutta, 22nd November 1851). m. (e) the sister of Mir Khirdamand ‘Ali (d. after 1837). m. (f) …Bibi (d. at Calcutta, 1st December 1837), the sister of Qadir Sahib. m. (g) Mohan Lal Begum Sahiba. m. (h) Umm Shakrullah Sultan (d. before 28th February 1842). m. (i) Khangazi Bibi. m. (j) Umm Subhan Sultan (d. before 11th December 1829). m. (k) Umm Sarwar ud-din Sultan (d. before 20th November 1831). m. (l) Nur Jahan (d. ca. 1814). m. (m) …Bibi (d. at Calcutta, 6th November 1832). m. (n) Gulshama Bibi. He was k. at Seringapatam, 4th May 1799 (bur. at The Gumbaz-i-Shahi, Lalbagh, Seringapatam), having had issue, sixteen sons and at least eight daughters:
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