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1763 - 1782 H.E. Shams ul-Mulk, Amir ud-Daula, Nawab Hyder 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Hyder Jang, Nawab of Hydernagar, Subadar of the Carnatic Balaghat, Suba of Sira, and Sarvadhikari of Mysore. b. at Dodballapur, before 12th October 1722, as Fath Hyder, youngest son of Fath Muhammad 'Ali Khan [Nadim Sahib], by his third wife. Entered the Raja of Mysore's service, distingusihed himself at the taking of Devanhalli in 1749, appointed to the cmd. of 200 foot and 50 horse, Faujdar of Dindigul 1755-1756, and of Bangalore 1756-1757, Sipah Salar (C-in-C) after 19th June 1758, and Suba of Sira from 1761. Granted Coimbatore and Bangalore in jagir for his military services ca. 1757. Conquered Bednur from the Marathas in March 1763, which he renamed Hydernagar. Effectively seized power and adopted the title of Sarvadhikari or Chief Minister of Mysore 1761. Granted the titles of Khan 1749, prom. Khan Bahadur before 7th October 1755, and prom. to Nawab Hyder 'Ali Khan Bahadur and Chukmak Jung by Basalat Jung, October 1760 but renounced the latter title on his departure. Prom. to the titles of Shams ul-Mulk, Amir ud-Daula, Hyder Jang and Subadar of the Carnatic Balaghat*. m. (first) the eldest daughter of Sayyid Shahbaz [Shah Mian Sahib], a pirzada of Sira. m. (second) at Seringapatam, 1745, Fakhr un-nisa Fatima Begum Sahiba [Saydani Begum] (bur. at The Gumbaz, Lalbagh, Seringapatam), daughter of Mir Muin ud-din Sahib, sometime jagirdar of Kurumgunda, and Faujdar of Cudappa. m. (third) Mahaba Begum Sahiba. m. (fourth) Medina Begum Sahiba, a former dancing girl. m. (fifth) after 27th May 1779 (nikah), Bakshi Begum Sahiba (d. at Vellore Fort, 1804, bur. there), sister of Nawab 'Abdu'l Halim Khan, sometime Faujdar of Cudappa. m. (a) at Mysore, 1759, Kennie Sahiba (d. giving birth to her only daughter), sister of Mirza Husain Beg, and daughter of Mehdi Beg, a Jamadar of 200 Horse, from Arcot. m. (b) Fatima Khanum, sister of Yusuf Beg. m. (c) Mira Bibi. m. (d) Durdana Begum Sahiba (m. second, after 1782, H.M. Fath 'Ali Tipu Sultan Padshah Bahadur, Padshah of Khudadad, by whom she had issue - see below), a woman purchased in Delhi. m. nineteen other women purchased in Delhi. He d. from a carbuncle at camp at Narasingarayanpet, near Chittur, 7th December 1782 (bur. at The Gumbaz, Lalbagh, Seringapatam), having had issue, two sons and several daughters, including:
Nawab Hyder 'Ali Khan, also adopted a son:
* these titles are assigned to Hyder 'Ali by Kirmani on the title page of his Hishan-i-Hyduri, but no other evidence has been found, either in the Mughal records or those of Hyderabad and Mysore.
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