The Solomonic Dynasty

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1563 - 1597 H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Malik Seggad [Sarsa Dengal], King of Kings of Ethiopia, Nubia, Enarya and all the kingdoms of Saba. b. ca. August 1549, as Prince Yishaq, second son of H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Admas Seggad II [Wanag Seggad II], King of Kings of Ethiopia, by his wife, H.M. Empress Admas Mogassa, educ. privately. Baptised as Sarsa Dengal. Proclaimed as Malik Seggad ('He to whom (Muslim) Kings bow)', on the death of his father, 12th February 1563 n.s. Crowned at the Mariam Church, Tadbaba, Amhara. Crowned for a second time, in camp, at Sabrad, 2nd September 1563 o.s. The first ruler to assume the style of Jan-Hoy. Spent his entire reign campaigning against the Turks and the Muslim rulers of the north. Concerated on the throne of David, at the Cathedral of St Mary of Zion, Axum, 10th January 1580 o.s. m. (first) before 1586, H.M. Empress (Itege) Malik Mogassa (m. second, ca. 1598, Ras Atanasyos, of Begameder, and d.s.p.m. 1614, bur. Haile Mariam Church, Mahdara Mariam, near Dabra Tabor), previously Immabet Mariam Sena, crowned as Malik Mogassa after 1586, Crown Councillor 1597-1603, probably the daughter of Degana c/o Antasum c/o Zara Buruk. m. (second) Tegazanyi Haraga Amlak [Immabet Haragwe] [Harego], a high-born Falasha lady from Semien, probably a sister of Gedewon, the Beta Isra'el ruler of Semien. He d. at Sat, 20th March 1597 (or 22nd September 1597), having had issue, five sons and three daughters:
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1597 - 1603 H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Malik Seggad the younger [Yakob], King of Kings of Ethiopia, Nubia, Enarya and all the kingdoms of Saba (first time) - see below.
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1603 - 1604 H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Asnaf Seggad [Galawdewos], King of Kings of Ethiopia, Nubia, Enarya and all the kingdoms of Saba. b. as Prince Za Dengal, 1577, eldest son of Prince Lesana Krestos, educ. privately. Adopted by Emperor Malik Seggad, appointed Heir Apparent and raised to the rank of Dejazmatch. Opposed by the Empress and great nobles and set aside in favour of Prince Yakob, 22nd September
1597. Seized and sent into religious retreat on the island of Daq, on Lake Tana. Escaped and took refuge in Gojjam. Succeeded on the deposition of his cousin, 1603. Crowned as Asnaf Seggad (‘He to whom the horizons bow’), at Danqaz, Dembiya, 3rd September 1603. Closely aligned to the Portuguese faction and an adherent of the Roman Catholic faith, he incurred the opposition of the nobility and clergy by prohibiting
traditional religious observations. Deposed 2nd October 1604. He was k. by Ras Za Selassie (his eyes being removed, fingers cut-off for his rings, and then trampled underfoot by horses) on the field of battle, at
Bartcho, Gojjam, 15th October 1604 (bur. St Stephen’s Monastery, Daga, Lake Tana).
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1597-1603 and 1604-1607 H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Malik Seggad the younger, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Nubia, Enarya and all the kingdoms of Saba. b. 1590, as Prince Yakob, second son of Elect of God, Emperor Sarsa Dengal, by his second wife, Tegazanyi Haraga Amlak, educ. privately. Governor of Enarya during his father's reign. Proclaimed on the death of his father, as Malik Seggad ('he to whom (Muslim) kings bow') the younger, 22nd September 1597. Established his capital at Danqaz, in Dembiya. Reigned under a Council of Regency headed by his brother-in-law, Ras Bitwodad Atanatewos, of Begamder. Deposed by his cousin, 3rd September 1603. Restored by Ras Za Selassie 13th October 1604. m. Empress (Itege) Nazarena, from the island of Aich or Itaik, on Lake Tana. Defeated and k. in battle at Chechehober, in the Dabra Zet Valley, Gojjam, by his second cousin, Susyenos, 10th March 1607, having had issue, four sons:
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* In 1738, the rebel Bakaffa, claimed to be son of Ishaq, son of Arzo, son of Tewodros, son of Emperor Malik Seggad the younger.
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1607 - 1632 H.M. Elect of God, Emperor Sultan Seggad I [Malik Seggad III], King of Kings of Ethiopia, Nubia, Enarya and all the kingdoms of Saba. b. at Ginde Beret, 1572, as Prince Susyenos, fifth and youngest son of Prince Fasiladas, by H.M. Empress Hamalmalawit, educ. privately. Secured the throne by conquest from his cousin, Emperor Yakob, 10th March 1607. Crowned at Keranio Medhane Alem, Gojjam, as Sultan Seggad ('He to whom (Muslim) rulers bow'), 29th March 1609. Established his principal capital at Gorgora, on the northern shore of Lake Tana, then at Danqaz, in Dembiya. Converted to the Roman faith 1621 and invited the Jesuits into his realms 1624. Forced to abdicate in favour of his second son, for supporting Roman Catholocism, 14th June 1632. m. (first) ca. 1595, H.M. Empress Sultan Mogassa (d. at the Fasiladas Monastery, Qoma, Begameder, 7th March 1661, bur. there), née Woizero Wolde Sa'ala, crowned as Itege Sultan Mogassa, at Keranio Medhane Alem, Gojjam, 18th March 1608, left the court in 1618 in opposition to her husband's pro-Roman Catholic policy, daughter of Asba Yohannes, from a noble family of Walaqa and Marabete. m. (second) Woizero Amata Mikael. He d. at the Monastery Palace of Addis Gorgara, Danqaz, Dembiya, 18th September 1632 (bur. at Ganata Iyasus Church, Azzazo), having had issue, over twenty sons and several daughters, including:
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