The Abalasangeye Dynasty


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1897 - 1939 Captain H.H. Kabaka Sir Daudi Chwa II, Kabaka of Buganda, KCMG (16.2.1925, CMG 1.1.1918), KBE (c 11.5.1937). b. at Mengo, 8th August 1896, fifth son of H.H. Danieri Basamula-Ekkeri Mwanga II Mukasa, Kabaka of Buganda, educ. King's Coll., Budo. Succeeded on the deposition of his father, 9th August 1897. Proclaimed at Nakasero and installed outside the Lubiri, at Mengo, 14th August 1897. Granted a permanent salute of 9-guns together with the hereditary style of His Highness. Reigned under a Council of Regency until he came of age and assumed full ruling powers, 5th August 1914. Crowned at Budo, 8th August 1914. Cmsnd as Hon. Lieut 4th (Uganda) Btn, King's African Rifles (KAR) 8/8/1914, served in the Great War in East African campaign 1914-1917, prom Hon Capt 22/9/1917. Founded the Order of the Shield and Spears of Buganda in three classes, 8th August 1927. Rcvd: King George V Coron (1911), 1915 Star, British War and Allied Victory medals (1918), King George VI Coron (1937), and King George V Silver Jubilee (1935) medals, Cdr of the Order of the Crown of Belgium (29.11.1918). m. (first) at St Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe, 19th September 1914, Abakyala Irene Drusilla Namaganda (styled Naabagareka 1914-1939, and Namasole 1939-1957, also styled Lady Irene Namaganda 1925-1941; m. second, at Kampala, 1st April 1941, Mr. S. P. Kigozi, and d. in London, 15th September 1957), educ. Gayaza Girl's Sch., rcvd: King George V Silver Jubilee (1935), King George VI Coron (1937), Queen Elizabeth II Coron (1953), and Royal Visit (1954) medals, daughter of The Rev Yonasani Kaizi, of the Nte clan. m. (i) Miriya Nalule of the Ngeye clan. m. (ii) Magdalena Nakanyike, of the Mamba clan. m. (iii) Abisagi Dulunkasi, Nanteza, of the Ffumbe clan. m. (iv) Rebeka Nalunkuma of the Ndiga clan. m. (v)  Alice Janet Nakalema, of the Ngeye clan. m. (vi) Bulandina Kasiribiti, Nankumbi, of the Ngeye clan. m. (vii) Lucy Namagambe, Nalongo Nalwoga, of the Mbogo clan. m. (viii) Sara Nayiga, Nakasolya, of the Ngabi clan. m. (ix) Dorothy Nabankema, sister of Nelson Nkalubo Sebugwawo, of the Musu clan, sometime Treasurer of Buganda. m. (x) Erina Nambogo Nambawa, of the Mamba clan. m. (xi) Miriamu Nanyondo, of the Nte clan. m. (xii) Eresi Nalubega, of the Ngabi clan. m. (xiii) Ida Nabwami. m. (xiv) Julieri Nantumbwe, of the Kobe clan. m. (xv)  Kasarina Kimbowa, sister of Nelson Nkalubo Sebugwawo, of the Musu clan, sometime Treasurer of Buganda. m. (xvi) Abisagi Nabunya, of the Ngeye clan. m. (xvii)  Ida Nabwami. He d. at Salaama Palace, Kyadondo, 22nd November 1939 (bur. in the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga, Kasubi-Nabulagala,), having had issue, twenty sons and sixteen daughters:
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