The Tupou Dynasty


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1893 — 1918 H.M. Sia’osi Taufa’ahau Tupou II [George Tupou II], By the grace of God, King of Tonga. b. at Neiafu, Vava’u, 18th June 1874, only son of H.H. Prince Sia’osi Fatafehi Toutaitokotaha, 4th Tu’i Pelehake, sometime Prime Minister, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly & Vice-Presdt of the Privy Council, by his first wife, H.R.H. Princess Elisiva Fusipala Tauki’onetuku, Heiress Presumptive and daughter of H.R.H. Crown Prince Tevita ‘Unga Motangitau’, educ. Govt Coll, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, and the Auckland Coll and Grammar Sch, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand. Became Heir Presumptive on the death of his maternal uncle, 6th June 1889. Appointed as Heir Apparent and granted the title of Crown Prince 18th June 1891 and thereafter styled His Royal Highness Crown Prince (Tama Pilinisi Kalauni) Taufa’ahau. Town Officer Holopeka 1890-1892, Col Royal Guards and Principal ADC to King George Tupou I 1892-1893. Proclaimed on the death of his maternal great-grandfather, 18th February 1893. Crowned at the Chapel Royal, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 17th March 1893. Installed as 20th Tu’i Konokupolo, at Mala‘e Pangai Lahi, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 21st March 1893. Concluded a Treaty of Friendship 18th May 1900 by which he accepted the proclamation of a British Protectorate over his kingdom 19th May 1900 (ratified 16th February 1901). The treaty was subsequently modified 18th January 1905, granting the protecting power the right to introduce a system of courts and authority over certain aspects of the internal administration and government of the kingdom. Sovereign of the Order of Puono. Founder, Sovereign and Patron of the Orders of the Pouono 1st June 1899, the Order of the Cross of Tonga in four classes 4th December 1896, and the Order of the Crown in four classes (modified 6th April 1913). General and C-in-C of the forces 18/2/1893-1918. A gifted musician and lyricist, who composed several hymns and songs. Rcvd: Sword of Honour from Queen Victoria (9.4.1900), GC of the Order of SS Maurice and Lazarus of Italy (16.8.1914), and Cdr of the Sharifian Order of Alawi of Morocco (16.8.1914) m. (first) at the Chapel Royal, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 1st June 1899, H.M. Queen Lavinia Veiongo (b. at Kupu, 9th February 1879; d. at Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 25th April 1902, bur. there at the Queen Lavinia’s Vault, Mala’e Kula), educ. privately, crowned as Lavinia, Queen of Tonga at the Chapel Royal, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 1st June 1899, daughter of The Hon ‘Asipeli Kupu-a-vanu’a, sometime Minister for Police, by his second wife, Ana Tokanga Fiufiulupe Kupu, eldest daughter of The Hon Pita (Fotofili), 7th Fotofili, of Niuafo’ou. m. (second) at the Chapel Royal, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 11th November 1909, H.M. Queen ‘Anaseini Takipo (b. at Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 1st March 1893; d. from influenza during the great epidemic, at “Finefekai”, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 26th November 1918, bur. there at Mala’e ‘Aloa), rcvd: KGC of the Order of the Crown (18.8.1914), second daughter of Tevita ‘Ula Afuha’amango, ‘Ula, matapule, of Neiafu, Vava’u, by his wife, Siosiane Tongoua Taemanusa, younger daughter of Penisimanu Latuselu, of Vava’u, the first Tongan Wesleyan missionary and sometime Envoy to Samoa for King George Tupou I. He d. from tuberculosis, at the Royal Palace, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 5th April 1918 (bur. there at the King George II Vault, Mala’e Kula), having had issue, three daughters:
H.M. King George Tupou II had further issue, by Tupou Mohe’ofo Tupou (b. at Mua, 20th July 1871; d. in the influenza epidemic, 24th November 1918), wife of Siale ‘Ataongo, and daughter of ‘Isileli Mafile’o Tupou, by his second wife Princess Lavinia Veiongo Mahanga, daughter of H.H. Samuelio Fatafehi Laufilitonga, 39th Tu’i Tonga:
H.M. King George Tupou II, also had issue, by Adi Litia Cakobau [Takopau] (b. 1876; d. at Bau, Fiji, 6th December 1952), who had been sent to Tonga as a "trial bride", but whom he then failed to wed, second daughter of Ratu The Hon Timoci Tavanavanua, sometime Fijian Minister for War & Police, by his wife, Adi Tupoutu’a, daughter of The Hon ‘Inoke Fotu, of the Veikune line, sometime Judge of Vava’u: Copyright© Christopher Buyers
  • 2) Colonel Ratu The Hon Sir Etuate Tu’ivanavou Tugi Cakobau, KBE (c 1.1.1971, CBE c 1.1.1966, OBE m 29.6.1954), MC (7.12.1944), ED (26.9.1958)* (26.9.1958). b. at Draiba, Bau, Fiji, 21st December 1908, educ. Victoria Coll, Fiji, Wanganui Technical Coll, Wanganui, New Zealand, and Wadham Coll, Oxford. Teacher 1931-1933, Assist Master Queen Victoria Sch 1934-1936, Native Affairs Officer 1936-1937, Assist Cmsnr Lomaiviti 1937-1939, Mbr Fiji Council of Chiefs 1938-1973, Roko Tu’i of Lomaiviti 1939, MLC 1942, and 1945-1973, Lieut Fiji Military Forces 1942, prom Capt 1st Btn FMF 1942-1943, Coy Cdr 3rd Btn FMF 1943-1944, served in WW2 in Solomons campaign and Western Pacific (rcvd: MID, MC, 39/45 and Pacific stars, Defence and War medals), Mbr Fiji Affairs Brd 1945, Rehabilitation Officer 1945-1946, D/O at Stu 1949-1952 and 1954-1955, served in the Malay Emergency as 2nd-in-cmd Fiji Infantry Regt 1952-1953 and Btn Cdr 1953-1954 (rcvd: MID, OBE, GSM), prom Lt-Col 1953, OC 2nd (T) Btn FIR 1954-1960, Cmsnr for Eastern Fiji & Reserves 1961-1962, Deputy Sec for Fijian Affairs 1962-1965, Minister for Labour 1966-1973, Deputy Prime Minister 1971-1973. Hon Col 1st (Territorial) Btn. Fiji Infantry Regt. 1963-1973. Rcvd: Coron (1937 and 1953), and Fiji Independence (1970) medals. m. Adi Waisimaca Tu’iburelevu, Lady Cakobau (d. before 23rd March 2001, bur. Nausori, Taileva, Fiji), daughter of Ratu Ilaitia Toroca, by his wife, Adi Aniseini Vakaoca, fourth daughter of Ratu The Hon Timoci Tavanavanua, sometime Fijian Minister for War & Police. He d. at Suva, Fiji, 25th June 1973, having had issue, three sons:
    • a) Brigadier-General The Hon Ratu Epeli Qaraninamu Nailatikau, CF, LVO (16.2.1977), OBE (m 31.12.1979), KStJ (22.4.2013, OStJ 30.1.1986), CSM, MSD (1988). b. at Levuka, Fiji, 5th July 1941, educ. Bau Dist Sch, Draiba Fijian Sch, Levuka Public Sch, and Queen Victoria Sch, Suva, Fiji, and at Oxford Univ. Cmsnd as 2nd Lieut 1st Btn Fiji Infantry Regt, seconded 1st Btn RNZ Infantry Regt 1963, served in Sarawak Confrontation Ops, ADC to the Governor of Fiji, Equerry to the Prince of Wales 1970, CO 1st Btn Fiji Infantry Regt, ADC to the Queen 1977, C/O Fiji Contingent UN Interim Force in Lebanon 1978, Cdr RFMF 1982-1987, retd 1987, Fijian Ambassador at the Court of St James’s (conc to Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Israel and the Holy See), High Cmsnr, Sec Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador-at-Large 1998-1999, Permanent Sec for Foreign Affairs & External Trade 1999-2000, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Fijian Affairs 2000-2001, Speaker of the House of Reps 2001-2006, Chair Commonwealth Observer Group for the elections in Guyana 2006, UNAIDS Special Representative for the Pacific 2005-2007, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade 2007-2008, for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs 2008-2009 and Indigenous Affairs 2008-2009, Vice-Presdt of Fiji 17th April 2009, actg Presdt 30th July 2009, and President-General and C-in-C of Fiji 5th November 2009-12th November 2015. Trustee Fiji Rugby Union, etc. Chancellor of the Order of Fiji 2009-2015. Rcvd: QEII GSM (with Malaya clasp) (1963), Fiji Independence (1970), QEII Silver Jubilee (1977), UN Service (1978), Fiji GSM (1992), and Fiji 25th Anniversary of Independence (1995) medals, KGC of the Order of Queen Salote Tupou III (31.7.2008), GC of the Royal Military Order of St George (30.6.2015), King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV Coron Silver Jubilee (4.7.1992), King George Tupou V Coron (31.7.2008), and King Tupou VI Coron (4.7.2015) medals, etc. m. 1981, Adi The Hon Koila Josephine Vasemaca Nailatikau (b. 1953), MP 1999-2000, Minister for Tourism & Transport 1999-2000, Senator since 2001, second daughter of H.E. Ratu The Rt Hon Sir Kamisese Kapaiwai Tuimaicilai Mara, Tu’i Nayau, PC, GCMG, KBE, CF, KStJ, MSD, sometime President-General and C-in-C of Fiji, by his wife, H.E. Adi Litia Cakobau Lalabalavu Katoafutoga, Lady Mara, Roko Tu’i Dreketi of Burebasaga, daughter of Captain The Hon Ratu George Cokanauto Tuisawau, OBE, Roko Tu’i Dreketi of Burebasaga. He has issue, one son and one daughter:
      • i) Ratu Kamisese Vuna Nailatikau. b. at Suva, Fiji, 15th May 1983, educ. Marist Brothers’ High Sch, and Univ of the South Pacific (B.Com. 2013), Fiji. Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional.
      • i) Adi Litia Cakobau Nailatikau. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • b) Ratu The Hon George Tu’uakitau Cokanauto. b. 5th June 1945, educ. Levuka and Wanganui Technical Coll, Wanganui, New Zealand. Presdt of the Senate 1992, MP for Tailevu North Ovalau Open 1999-2000, Minister for Housing & Urban Deveopment 2000, for Housing, Local Government & the Environment 2000-2001, Mbr Native Land Trust Brd 2003-2005, Dir Native Land Trust Brd 2005, Hon Consul for Greece in Suva. m. (first) Taraivosa. m. (second) Adi Senimili Rokolewasau, former wife of Ratu Etuate Kikau Tu’ivanavou, and daughter of Ratu Tevita Ulailakeba, Tu’i Nayau and Tu’i Lau, by Silipa Raikoro. m. (a) Rebekah Ward. He has issue, one son (and one daughter):
      • i) Adi Litia Vuikaba Tu’iburelevu. b. 16th November 1994 (d/o Rebekah).Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • c) Ratu Keni Pearce Vuiyasawa.
  • Colonel Ratu The Hon Sir Etuate Cakobau, had further issue, a natural son by Laisa Kaukiono Fonolahi, younger daughter of Viliami Fonolahi, originally of Kolonga, Tonga, by his wife, Setaite Vea, elder daughter of Anare Miller:
    • d) Ratu The Hon Viliame Foukimoana Dreunimisimisi [Ratu Dreu]. b. at Mualevu, Lau, 7th June 1937, educ. Wanganui Coll, New Zealand, and in London. Joined Ba Sugar Mills Ltd 1972, Staff Officer 1972, Mngr in 1978, MD Pacific Distilleries Ltd, MP for Western Fiji (Urban) 1992, Minister for Tourism 1992, and for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests 1999-2000. Presdt Fijian Assoc Party 1995-2000. Mbr Northern Club. m. at Suva, 9th September 1969, Akanisi Vunitiko (b. at Burta, Ovalau, 24th February 1943), daughter of Jekope Serukalou, by his wife, Ulita, daughter of Peni Tirikula. He d. at Lautoka Hospital, 18th June 2000, having had issue, two sons and three daughters:
      • i) Ratu Enele Ma’afu-‘o-Tu’itonga. b. at London, 11th August 1971, educ. Suva Primary Sch, Drasa Avenue Sch, Lautoka, and Queen Victoria Sch. Joined Westpac Banking Corp, settled in the UK 1999 and runs his own business there.
      • ii) Ratu Etuate Tu’ivanuavou Tungi Tevita ‘Unga Cakobau. b. at Suva, 22nd January 1980, educ. Drasa Avenue Sch, Natabua High Sch, and Fiji Inst. of Technology, Suva. Employed by All Engineering, Lautoka.
      • i) Adi Tupoutu’a Dreunimisimisi. b. at Sydney, NSW, Australia, 24th March 1970, educ. Suva Primary Sch, Drasa Avenue Sch, Lautoka, Adi Cakobau Sch, and Univ of the Northern Territory. Employed with Marketing Division of RACQs, in Brisbane, Australia.
      • ii) Adi Mitimiti Babokola Dreunimisimisi. b. at Suva, 30th December 1972, educ. Suva Primary Sch, Drasa Avenue Sch, Lautoka, Adi Cakobau Sch, Luther Coll, Melbourne, and Univ of Southern Queensland, Australia. Sales Mngr Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa, Fiji.
      • iii) Adi Lusiana Qolikoro Dreunimisimisi. b. at Lautoka, 3rd June 1974, educ. Drasa Avenue Sch, Natabua High Sch, Adi Cakobau Sch, Glennie Memorial Sch, Toowoomba, and Lorraine Martin Coll, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Reservations Mngr at Vatulele Island Resort.
H.M. King George Tupou II, also had a son by Mele Va’ohoi Konahe’ulu-‘o-‘Aho’eitu Vama’uvea [Mele Va] (b. at Koloa, Vava’u, 1st November 1887; m. Louis Fredrick Gustav Wolfgramm, and d. 15th March 1955, leaving two further sons and two daughters), elder daughter of Siaosi Makamalohi Hala’ufia ‘o Tonga Pa’angafo’ou, of the Tu’iha’ateiho line, by his wife, Vika Fatafehi Lilika ‘i-Moana [Adi Saunaleva], daughter of Mosese Tongapoteki Malohifo’ou To’amotu, of Koloa, Vava’u:
  • 3) Siaosi Vuna Tu’iteau Takitakimalohi Tupou. b. at Fasi, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 1910. m. 1933, Ana Siulolovao Fanga’afua Vuna Tupou (b. at Sia, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 17th August 1912; d. there, 1987), second daughter of Tevita Mafile’o ‘Uasi Halaholo, of Kolofo’ou, Tongatapu, by his wife, Suliana Fifita Popua mo Holeva, daughter of Kauasi Lolomana’ia. He d. at Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, January 1992, having had issue (not of chiefly rank), two sons and five daughters:
    • a) Mailefihi Latamai Vuna. b. at Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 1936. m. ‘Elenoa Fatafehi Faka’ilo ‘Ehe Fuka Vuna (b. at Kolofo’ou, Tongatapu, 27th May 1936; d. 6th February 2003), daughter of Siosiua ‘Alo Veikune, by his wife, Mele Moana, daughter of Pauliasi Vainikolo Taumoepau. He d. at Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, 14th July 1986, having had issue:
      • i) Fatafehi Manupuipui’one Sasakawa ‘Iloa-‘i-Langi Taetaea Vuna.
      • ii) Fatafehi Lilika-‘i-Moana Adisaunaleva Laufakana’a Vuna, educ. Tonga High Sch, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu.Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • b) Siaosi ‘Anau Fuaivaha Vuna. b. 18th September 1940. m. Lavinia ‘Aho. He has issue (2 adopted?):
      • i) Sione Kie’eteau.
      • ii) Siaosi ‘Anau Fuaivaha.
      • iii) Hepi Vuna Kauvaka.
    • a) Hulita Tu’ifua. She m. and had issue, two children.
    • b) Kato’one tau ‘a. m. Saimone Mafua-‘i-Lulutai Koloamatangi. She had issue, four children.
    • c) Pauline Fakahiku-o-uiha Vuna.
    • d) ‘Anapuli Roseetta. m. Garnham Mackadam. She had issue, a son.
    • e) ‘Ivoni Fo Holoholo ‘a Tungi. m. Fatafehi Siamelie Viliami Vaea, son of Pasimi Vaea, of Fangale’ounga, Ha’apai, by his wife, Fane Pasimi Vaea, from ‘Uiha, Ha’apai. She had issue, four sons and four daughters:
      • i) Tonga Poteki Malohifo’ou Vaea. Music teacher, songwriter, composer, plays more than ten instruments, mbr of the popular group “Spacifix” and “Three Houses Down”.
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