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1877 - 1880 H.M. Pomare V, By the grace of God, King of Tahiti, Moorea and its dependencies. b. at Afa’ahiti, Taravao, 3rd November 1839, as Teri’itari’a Teratane Pomare, fourth and eldest surviving son of H.M. ‘Aimatta Pomare IV Vahine-o-Punuateraitua, By the grace of God, Queen of Tahiti, Moorea and its dependencies, by her second husband, H.R.H. Prince Tenani’a Ari‘i-Fa’aite-a-Hiro, educ. privately. Became Heir Apparent and as Crown Prince (Ari‘iaue) on the death of his elder brother, 13th May 1855. Succeeded on the death of his mother, 17th September 1877. Crowned at Papeete, Tahiti, 24th September 1877. Ceded Tahiti and her dependencies to France, 29th June 1880. Rcvd: Officer of the Orders of the Legion of Honour and Agricultural Merit of France (9.11.1880). m. (first) at Huahine,11th November 1857 (div. 5th August 1861), Temari‘i-a-Teurura’i Ma’ihara Teuhe, Ari‘irahi of Huahine (b. at Huahine, ca. 1838; m. second, 26th November 1877, Afaiau Tatahi, from the Tuamotus; d.s.p.l. at Papeete, Tahiti, 21st August 1891), eldest daughter of the Teurura’i Ari‘imate, Ari‘irahi of Huahine, by his wife, Teha’apapa II, Ari‘irahi of Huahine, daughter of Moe-‘ore Teri’itinorua Teari‘inohora’i, Ari‘irahi of Huahine. m. (second) at Papeete, Tahiti, 28th January 1875 (div. 27th July 1887), Joanna Marau-Ta’aroa Tepa’u [H.M. Queen Marau] (b. 24th April 1860; d. at Papeete, Tahiti, 4th February1935, bur. there at the Uranie Cemetery), educ. Young Ladies’ Coll, Sydney, New South Wales, rcvd: Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France (1924), third daughter of Ari‘i Taima’i Tane The Hon Alexander Salmon, sometime Minister for Home Affairs, by his wife, Princess Teri’irere-i-otu-rau-ma-toarai Ari‘i-o-ehau Ta’aroa-ari‘i Ari‘i Taima’i-vahine, Ari‘irahi of Papara, daughter of Tupua-Ta’aroa, of Teraimarou. He d. at the Royal Palace, Papeete, 12th June 1891 (bur. Tomb of the King, Papa’oa, Arue), having had issue, one son and two daughters*
  • 1) A s/o Temari‘ia. He d. in infancy.
  • 2) Teri’i-na-vaho-roa-i-Tetua-i-Hauviri Teutua-nui-marua-i-te-rai’i Aro-roa-i-te-mavana-o-Tu-Te-pau Ernest Albert Salmon. b. after his parents official divorce, at Papeete, Tahiti, 15th May 1888, educ. Santa Clara, California, USA, Lycée St Louis, Paris, in Glasgow and in London. His mother’s divorce confirmed and declared illegitimate without the right to the name of Pomare, 25th January 1888. Served as a volunteer during the Great War 1916-1918, entered French colonial judicial service 1919, retd 1959 as Presdt of the Court of Appeal of Saint-Denis, Réunion. Author of “Alexandre Salmon et sa femme Ariitaimai, deux figures de Tahiti à l’époque du Protectorat” (1963). Rcvd: Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France. m. at Papeete, Tahiti, 8th January 1914, Joséphine Louise Auma-i-te-ura Tinitua [Phina Brander] (b. at Punaauia,Tahiti, 18th November 1894), eldest daughter of Teri’i-tino-rua Marama Winfred Brander, by his wife, Joséphine, younger daughter of Victor Charles, of Sainte-Amélie Valley, Tahiti. He d. at Nice, France, 4th December 1961, having had issue, an only daughter:
    • a) H.R.H. Princess Marau-ta’a-roa-i-Taputa-pua-tea-te-Ra-o-Farepua Tetua-nui Reia-ite-rai Atea-i-Nu’urua Hinarai Iteupoo Ainitini-o-Ta’aroa-i-Vaiotaha-i-Maro-Tetini Monique Salmon Pomare Vedel. b. 1915. Adopted by her aunt, Princess Takau, and granted the title of Princess with the surname Pomare 22nd April 1928. m. (first) 1936, Pol Le Goaster. m. (second) 1957, Pierre Léon Daunassans Teavaro. She d. 12th June 1999, having had issue, one son and three daughters by her first husband, and one son by her second husband:
      • i) Gildas Le Goaster.
      • ii) Patrick Ra’anui Daunassans, educ. Lycée Tertiaire, Pirae. Professor of Schools 2008-2009, Head of the Cabinet Ministry of Education, Higher Education & Research since 2009.
      • iii) Chantal Le Goaster. m. …Bonnet. She had issue:
        • (1) Dr Hugues Le Goaster-Bonnet. Medical Information Service, Centre hospitalier de la Dracãçonie.
      • iv) Dominique Le Goaster.
      • v) Marie-Paule Le Goaster. m. Claude Hudry.
    • Princess Marau also had further issue, a natural daughter:
      • vi) Andrée Hinarii Nicole [Mme. Andrée Delaeter]. b. at Nice, France, 5th October 1941. m. … Delaeter.
  • 1) A d/o Temari‘ia. She d. in infancy.
  • 2) H.R.H. Princess Teri’inui-o-Tahiti Tevahine-taora-te-rito-ma-te-ra’i Teri’ia’etua Pomare. b. 9th (or 29th) March 1879, educ. Convent of the Sisters of Saint-Joseph de Cluny, Papeete. Rcvd: Knt. of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France (1956). She d. at Piafau-Faa’a, 29th October 1961 (bur. Pomare Royal Cemetery, Papa’oa, Arue), having adopted the daughter of her maternal cousin, Poma-a-Teao Tevahine Airoroatua Salmon Stevenson by René Solari:
    • a) H.R.H. Princess Genevieve Tita Salmon Pomare – see above.
  • 3) H.R.H. Princess Ari‘imanihinihi Tevahinerereataua-i-Fareai Ai’iraoana’a-i-tepori-o-Mahu Tepau Ari‘i-i-haurai, Takauteupoko-n-Ari‘iki [H.R.H. Princess Takau Pomare-Vedel]. b. at Papeete, Tahiti, 4th January 1887, educ. Convent of the Sisters of Saint-Joseph de Cluny, Papeete. Adopted by Cdt Émile Vedel. She d. unm. at Château des Baumettes, Nice, France, 27th June 1976, having adopted her niece: 
    • a) H.R.H. Princess Marau-ta’a-roa-i-Taputa-pua-tea-te-Ra-o-Farepua Tetua-nui Reia-ite-rai Atea-i-Nu’urua Hinarai Iteupoo Ainitini-o-Ta’aroa-i-Vaiotaha-i-Maro-Tetini Monique Salmon Pomare Vedel – see above. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
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* The marriage between King Pomare V and Queen Marau was a very stormy and tempestuous one, entailing separation and reconciliation several times over. Both parties, at various times, repudiated the King as father of the children for their own ends and to spite one another. The King repudiated the two younger children. The Queen then repudiated him as father of all three in retaliation. The war of words between them was often very fierce, with accusation and counter accusation of embarrassingly slanderous proportions. However, in each case the probable periods of conception seem to coincide with actual periods of reconciliation and cohabitation between the pair. French law recognised the daughters, born during the period of their parents' legal marriage, as being the children of King Pomare with entitlement to all the rights of his legitimate issue, but only after his death. They were both registered under the name of Pomare, recognised as princesses, and accorded all the honours and privileges enjoyed by the legitimate children of the King. The youngest child, born after the date of the legal divorce of his parents', was not entitled to those same rights. He was registered under his mother's family name of Salmon. Nevertheless, in both local Tahitian society as well as the official colonial state, the three children enjoyed the highest status and honours, far higher than could ever have been due to them as the illegitimate offspring of a mere chiefess.
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Due to the confusion over the parentage of the three children of Queen Marau, it has not been possible to establish a line of successors to King Pomare V in 1891. Just prior to her death Queen Pomare IV established the line of succession, which was confirmed by the French colonial authorities on 24th September 1877:
  1. H.R.H. Crown Prince Teri'i Tari'a Te-ra-tane.
  2. H.R.H. Princess Teri'i-vae-tua.
  3. H.R.H. Prince Teri'i Hinoi-a-tua Pomare.
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