The Jamal ul-Lail Dynasty


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2000 Colonel H.R.H. Tuanku Syed Siraj ud-din ibni al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamal ul-Lail, Raja of Perlis Indra Kayangan. b. at Arau, 17th May 1943, eldest son of General H.R.H. Tuanku Syed Harun Putra ibni al-Marhum Syed Husain Jamal ul-Lail, Raja of Perlis Indra Kayangan, KCMG, by his first wife, H.R.H. Tengku Budriah binti al-Marhum Tengku Ismail, Raja Permaisuri, educ. Tengku Budriah Malay Sch, Arau, Wellesley Primary Sch, Westland Sch and Penang Free Sch, Georgetown, Penang, Wellingborough Sch, Northants, and RMA Sandhurst. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut Malaysian Recce Regt 12/12/1965, served in anti-communist ops on the Malaysian-Thai border and in Sarawak 1966-1967, prom Lieut 12/12/1967, prom Capt 31/12/1969, transferred as Capt TA 16/11/1970, prom Maj 1/10/1972, prom Lt-Col 1/1/1977, prom Col 1/1/1981, c/o 504th Regt TA 1981-2000, Col-in-Chief Royal Ranger Regt since 19/9/2000. Appointed as Heir Apparent with the title of Raja Muda by his father, 30th October 1960. Succeeded on his death, 16th April 2000. Installed at the Istana di-Raja, Arau, 17th April 2000. Elected as King of Malaysia with the title of Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the style of His Majesty, 12th December 2001. Installed at Kuala Lumpur on 13th December 2001. Chancellor Univ. Sains Malaysia 2000-2001, and Univ Teknologi Mara (UiTM) 2001-2007. Hon LLD National Univ of Ireland 2003. Hon Dr (Public Admin) Univ Padjajaran (UNPAD) (Indonesia) 2006. Chair Tuanku Syed Putra Fndn 1986-2001. Presdt Perlis Putra Golf Club 1971-1986, Perlis Football Assoc (PFA) 1978-1996. Patron Perlis Football Referees Assoc since 1967, Perlis State Youth Movement, ‘Old Frees’ Assoc (OFA) since 2000. Hon Mbr Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC). Rcvd: DKM (13.12.2001), DMN (17.4.2000), DK of Negri Sembilan (19.7.2001), DK of Kedah (21.1.2002), DK of Selangor (14.12.2002), DK of Trengganu, DK of Kelantan (2002), DK of Perak, DK of Pahang (26.10.2005), SSPJ (4.12.1995), SPMJ, SPCM, SSMT (8.10.1998), DKMB of Brunei (11.8.2002), the Collar of the Order of the Chrysanthemum of Japan (7.3.2005), Grand Order of King Tomislav of Croatia, Grand Collar of the National Order of Independence of Cambodia (16.12.2002), GC of the Orders of the Sacred Treasure of Japan (22.2.1970), Royal Order of Cambodia (16.12.2002), and the Orders of Merit of the Republic of Italy with collar (9.6.2003), Omayyad of Syria (7.5.2004), Legion of Honour of France (8.5.2004), and the White Rose of Finland with collar (19.9.2005), the Order of Temasek of Singapore (11.4.2005), etc. m. at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 15th February 1967, H.R.H. Tuanku Fauziah binti al-Marhum Tengku ‘Abdu’l Rashid, Raja Perempuan (b. 6th June 1946), educ. Zainab English Sch, Kota Bharu, styled Raja Puan Muda from 30th April 1968, and Raja Perempuan from 17th April 2000, Chancellor Univ. Sains Malaysia since 2001, Patron Malaysian Girl Guides Assoc. 2001-2007, Chair Perlis Muslim Women’s Welfare Brd., Presdt. Perlis Girl Guides Assoc., Vice-Presdt. Taman Asuhan Dar ul-Farah Tengku Hajjah Budriah Perlis, rcvd: DK (13.12.2001), DK of Pahang (26.10.2005), DK of Kelantan, SSPJ (4.12.1995), SPMP (15.2.1967), SPMJ, DMN (13.12.2001), and GC of the Royal Order of Cambodia (16.12.2002), and the Orders of Merit of the Republic of Italy (9.6.2003), Isabella the Catholic of Spain (x.5.2004), and the Precious Crown of Japan (7.3.2005), and the Order of the Sacred Treasure 2nd class of Japan (22.2.1970), eldest daughter of Y.A.M. Tengku ‘Abdu’l Rashid ibni al-Marhum Sultan Suleiman Badr ul-‘Alam Shah, of Trengganu, by his wife, Y.A.M. Tengku Petri binti al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim, second daughter of H.H. Paduka Sri Sultan Ibrahim IV ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad, Sultan of Kelantan, KCMG. He has issue, one son and one daughter:
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