The Merina (or Hova) Dynasty

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1787 - 1810 King Imboasalama Andrianampoinimerina, King of Imerina. b. at Kaloy, 1740 (on the first day of the first month of Alahamady), as Ramboasalamarazaka, third son of Andriamiaramanjaka, of Anjafy and Kaloy, by his wife, Princess Ranavalonandriambelomasina, daughter of King Andriambelomasina, King of Avaradrano. Claimed to be appointed as Heir Apparent by King Andriambelomasina and instigated a rebellion during the absence of King Andrianjafy from the capital in 1787. Induced the people to acknowledge him as King of Avaradrano and Imerinatsimo and assumed the reign name of Ampoinimerian (Ampoin-i-Merina=the object of desire to Imerina). Conquered Antananarivo in 1793 and made that city his permanent capital, then extended his authority over Imamo, Vonizongo, Vakinankaratra, and parts of Antsianaka and Ankay. Unified Imerina under his sway, consolidated the kingdom and imposed a centralised form of government. (first) ca. 1787, Queen Rabodonimerina (d. 1794, bur. Namehana), daughter of King Andriambelomasina, King of Avaradrano, by his second wife, Queen Renibodonimerina. m. (second) at Fandana, his cousin, Princess Rafotsirahisatra [Rahisatra], daughter of Prince Ramatsimanjaka, of Anosiarivo. m. (third) ca. 1797, his cousin, Queen Ratsimiantahanasoa (bur. Namehana), widow of King Andrianamboatsimarofy, King of Imerinatsimo, and daughter of King Andrianjafinandrianmanitra, King of Avaradrano. m. (fourth) H.M. Queen Ramiangaly, Queen Dowager in 1862 (d. at Ambohipoloalina, 15th July 1879, bur. Ankadimanga, Manjakandriana), daughter of Andriankotonavalana, of Mandrosoa. m. (fifth) Rasendrasoa (bur. Ambohitrabiby), daughter of Andrianavalonakelimiaina, of Ambahivoraka, by his wife, Rafotsirasoa. m. (sixth) before 1787 (div.) and remarried, H.M. Queen Ramanantenasoa (m. second, Andrianmanoro, by whom she had further issue, and d. from illness in the Anatyvolo country, ca. July 1808, bur. Alasora), daughter of Prince Andrianavalonjafy, of Alasora. m. (seventh) ca. 1780, H.M. Queen Rambolamasoandro (k. on the orders of Queen Ranavalona I, at Antananarivo, 4th August 1828, bur. at Tanjondroho, Imarovatana, but shortly afterward exhumed and her body left on Mount Ambohimanoa to be devoured by dogs and birds), eldest daughter of Rabezaka, of Anosinimerina, by his wife, Queen Ramanandrianjaka II Ravorombato, Queen of Imarovatana, elder daughter of Princess Rabodofilankanina. m. (eighth) 1803, Princess Ramatoaramisa [Ramisa], of Ambohitrinimanjaka (bur. with her son at Rovan' Ambohitrinimanjaka), only daughter of Prince Andrianilana, of Ambohitrinimanjaka. m. (ninth) Princess Rasoamananoro (k. in an explosion, at Mahazoarivo, September 1817  on the same day as a great fire at Mauritius), daughter of Prince Rainimanetaka, by his wife, Princess Rabodomanana, of Anosimanjaka, second daughter of Queen Ramana Andrianjaka [Ravorombato], Queen of Imarovatana. m. (tenth) H.M. Queen Rabodozafimanjaka (k. by poison, at Antsahadinta, bur. there), a widow, elder daughter of Andriantsira, of Alsora. m. (eleventh) 1803, his stepdaughter, Queen Ravaonimerina [Ravao] (b. at Antananarivo; k. on the orders of her husband, together with two of her children by her first husband, ca. 1808), widow of King Andriantomponimerinamandimby, King of Imarovatana, and daughter of King Andrianamboatsimarofy, King of Imerinatsimo, by his wife, Queen Ratsimiantahanasoa, daughter of King Andrianjafynandrianmanitra, King of Avaradrano. m. (twelfth) 1803, Princess Ravaomanjaka, daughter of King Andriamaromanompo [Ramaromanompo], King of Imerinatsimo. m. (thirteenth) Razafitrimo, eldest daughter of Rasoataolana, of Alasora. m. (fourteenth) Ravolamisa (d. at Fenoarivo), daughter of Rasoataolana, of Alasora.  m. (fifteenth) Ratoramisa (d.s.p. at Ambohijoky, after 1881, having adopted the children of her sister, Rafotsirahety), daughter of Rasoataolana, of Alasora. m. (sixteenth) Rafotsirahety, younger sister of Rafotisirabodomiralahy, and daughter of Rasoataolana, of Alasora. m. (seventeenth) Rafotisirabodomiralahy [Rabodomirahalahy] (m. second, 1810, Radama I - see below, and d. after 1868), daughter of Rasoataolana, of Alasora and sister of General Ravalontsalama. m. (eighteenth) Razafinavalona (d. at Ambohipananina, bur. Ankadimanga). m. (nineteenth) Rabodonddainibe, daughter of Ramboamainty, of Ambohimalaza. m. (twentieth) Rabodo (d. at Ambohimalaza, bur. there at Antampon' Ambohimalaza), a descendant of Prince Andriantompokoindrindra, of Ambohimalaza. m. (twenty-first) Rasendra (k. before 1828), a niece of Rambolamasoandro. m. (twenty-second) Rasamona (m. second, the Governor of Sisoanyl, by whom she had issue), daughter of Queen Ramanantenasoa. m. (twenty-third) Rafotsiraivoramiandra, daughter of Ramboamasina. m. (twenty-fourth) Ravoandriana, daughter of Rahiratra, of Ambahivoraka. m. (twenty-fifth) Rafaravavy, daughter of Ramanitra. m. (twenty-sixth) Ramaro. m. (twenty-seventh) Ranavalonajafy (d.s.p.), former wife of Andrianmbozvolaniray, and daughter of Rafaralahimbao, of Andranovelona. m. (twenty-eighth) Rafaravaviralandy, former wife of Rabetsira, and younger daughter of Rafaralahimbao, of Andranovelona. He d. at the Lapan' Mahitsielafanjaka, Rovan' Antananarivo, before 6th July 1810 (bur. there at the Tranomasina, Mahandrihono, and reinterred at the Tomb of the Kings, Rovan' Antananarivo, 1897), having had issue, eleven sons and thirteen daughters:
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