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1728 - 1782 Y.T.M. Tuanku Umar Johan Pahlawan Alam Shah bin Tuanku Panglima Paderap [Kejeruan Junjungan], Raja of Serdang. b. 1696, youngest son of Y.T.M. Tuanku Panglima Padrap [Pidali], Amir of Deli, by his Royal wife, Y.T.M. Tuanku Puan Sampali, educ. privately. Expelled from Deli by his elder half-brother, after the death of his father in 1720. Taken to Serdang together with his mother and younger brother. Proclaimed as ruler of Serdang with the title of Tuanku Umar Johan Pahlawan Alam Shah, by the Datuk Sunggal and other nobles, 1728. He was k. during an Acehnese assualt, at Kampong Besar, Sampali, 1782 (bur. there), having had issue, three sons and one daughter:
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1782 – 1817 Y.T.M. Tuanku Ainan Johan Pahlawan Alam Shah ibni al-Marhum Tuanku Umar [Al-Marhum Kacapuri], Raja and Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Serdang. b. at Sampali, 1767, second son of Y.T.M. Tuanku Umar Johan Pahlawan Alam Shah bin Tuanku Panglima Paderap, Raja of Serdang, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 1782. m. (first) Y.T.M. Tuanku Puan Sri Alam, daughter of Y.A.M. Tuanku Nan Panjang ibni al-Marhum Raja Hitam, Yang di-Pertuan of Perbaungan. m. (second) Y.M. Sharifa … m. (third) …He d. 1817 (bur. Serdang Royal Cemetery, Kampung Besar), having had issue, seven sons and three daughtersdaughters:
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