The Najafi Dynasty


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1838 - 1880 H.H. Faridun Jah, Muntazim ul-Mulk, Mohsin ud-Daula, Nawab Sayyid Mansur 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Nusrat Jang, Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. b. at Murshidabad, 29th October 1830, third son of H.H. Humayun Jah, Shuja-ul-Mulk, Ihtisham-ud-Daula, Nawab Sayyid Mubaraq 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Firuz Jang, Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, GCH, by his second wife, H.H. Nawab Rais un-nisa Begum Sahiba, Gaddinashin Begum, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 3rd October 1838. Ascended the Khahar Balish, Mushidabad, 19th December 1838. Installed at Hazardowri Palace, Murshidabad, 21st May 1847. Reduced from a salute of 19-guns to 13-guns for alleged complicity in the murder of two menials, 11th October 1854. Left Murshidabad for England in February 1869 and remained there until his return to Bombay in October 1881. Renounced his hereditary styles and titles of Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, and abdicated in favour of his eldest son, at St Ives, Maidenhead, 1st November 1880. Prone to pleasure and extravagance, he had fallen deeply into debt and was obliged to dispose of much of his family jewels, property and patrimony in return for a life pension of £10,000 p.a., a personal stipend of £83,000 and expenses of £25,000. m. (first) at Murshidabad, Spring 1846, H.H. Firdaus Mahal, Nawab Shams-i-Jahan Begum Sahiba, Gaddinashin Begum, CI (15.10.1897) (b. at Murshidabad, 1830; d. at Calcutta, 21st April 1905), née Mehr un-nisa Begum Sahiba, installed as Gaddinashin Begum at Murshidabad in October 1893, eldest daughter of Nawab Sayyid Ikram ud-din 'Ali Khan Bahadur, by his wife, Fatima Begum Sahiba, daughter of Nawab Sayyid Sikander 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Saif Jang, by his wife, Jigri Begum Sahiba, daughter of H.H. Mutamid ul-Mulk, Mubaraq ud-Daula, Nawab Sayyid Mubaraq 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Firuz Jang, Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, who had 13 sons of whom 12 died young and five daughters. m. (second) Nawab Malika uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba [Hajjiya Begum] (d. at Murshidabad, November 1884), daughter of Sayyid Mansur [Haji Masum], by his wife, Khair un-nisa Begum. m. (third) Guiti Afroz Mahal, Nawab Mehr Lekha Begum Sahiba (d. at Murshidabad, 30th May 1855; bur. Jafarganj), previously a muta wife as Hasina Khanum, a former Abyssinian slave-girl. m. (fourth) Nawab Shah un-nisa Begum Sahiba (d. at Murshidabad, 16th January 1892, bur. Jafarganj), previously a muta wife as Shah un-nisa Khanum. m. (fifth) Nawab Shams un-nisa Begum Sahiba (d. before 1865), previously a muta wife as Shams un-nisa Khanum. m. (sixth) at the Alexandra Hotel, St. George's Place, London, 15th May 1870, Nawab Sarah Begum Sahiba (b. 1853; d. at a nursing home in London, 1st September 1925), granted the personal title of Nawab Begum Sahiba March 1889, daughter of Josiah Godfrey Vennell, of New Barnet, Mdsx. m. (i) Faiz un-nisa Khanum (d. after 1880). m. (ii) Mubaraq Khadam, previously Bi Moti. m. (iii) Badr un-nisa Khanum (d. after 1899). m. (iv) Zeb un-nisa Khanum. m. (v) Najm un-nisa Khanum (d. after 1899). m. (vi) at London, late 1879 (muta) Muhammadi Begum, née Julia Lewis (b. 1860; m. second, at Edinburgh, 18th June 1904, Thomas Samson Cockburn, and d. at Patcham, Sussex, 20th December 1948), daughter of Thomas Lewis, by his wife, Julia, née Geddes. m. (a) Bi Nargis (d. after 1899). m. (b) Bi Umda [Bi Kumari]. m. (c) Bi Nur Bakhsh [Allah Rukhi] (d. after 1899). m. (d) Bi Hira(d. after 1899). m. (e) Bi Kaiser (d. after 1899). m. (f) Bi Hayat un-nisa [Haitun] (d. after 1899). m. (g) Bi Lutf un-nisa [Lutfan] (d. after 1899). m. (h) Bi Rungli. m. (i) Bi Shambar un-nisa [Shambaran] (d. after 1880). m. (j) Bi Amir un-nisa [Amirun] (d. after 1899). m. (k) Jahan Ara (d. after 1899). m. (l) Bi Mohin (d. after 1899). m. (m) Bi Nazlu (d. after 1899). m. (n) Bi Sajjan (d. after 1899). m. (o) Bi Azim un-nisa (d. after 1899). m. (p) Bi Jan (d. after 1899). m. (q) Bi Madhu (d. after 1899). m. (r) Bi Rahat Afza (d. after 1899). He d. from cholera, at Nawab Manzil, Murshidabad, 4th November 1884 (bur. at Jafaraganj Cemetary, later removed to Karbala, Iraq), having had issue 101 children of whom 19 sons and 20 daughters survived him:
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