The Miyana dynasty


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1794 - 1796 Meherban Nawab 'Abdu'l Husain Khan Sahib [Husain Miyan], Nawab of Savanur, eldest son of Meherban Nawab 'Abdu'l-Hakim Diler Khan Bahadur, Diler Jang, Nawab of Savanur, by a junior wife or concubine, educ. privately. Appointed as Regent by the nobles following the death of his father, pending the arrival of his brother the heir, 20th February 1794. Refused to yield Savanur when the latter arrived in November 1794. Surrendered Savanur and the Royal insignia when the Peshwa's officers arrived with a large force, 25th November 1796. Granted Basavanakoppa and four other villages. He d. after 23rd August 1802, having had issue, several sons, including:
1796 - 1827 Meherban Nawab 'Abu'l-Khair Khan Bahadur, Dilawar Jang [Khira Miyan], Nawab of Savanur, fifth son of Meherban Nawab 'Abdu'l-Hakim Diler Khan Bahadur, Diler Jang, Nawab of Savanur, by his principal wife, Nawab Sumkhanduma Sahib, educ. privately. Appointed to an Imperial mansab of 5,000 zat and 5,000 sowar, and the title of Dilawar Jang Bahadur, from Emperor Shah Alam, 1777. A prisoner of Tipu Sultan at Seringapatam 1786-1794. Appointed as Heir Apparent by his father, 20th February 1794. Released by Tipu and sent to assume power from his brother, but was driven out of Savanur, November 1794. Retreated to Poona where he received recognition as ruler from the Peshwa. Succeeded on the deposition of his brother and installed on the musnaid, by the Peshwa's officers, at Savanur, 25th November 1796. Received 25 villages by the Peshwa at the instance of the Duke of Wellington, instead of a yearly pension of Rs. 48,000, which had never been paid, 23rd August 1802. m. (first) at Serangapatam, 1779, Nawab Sultan Husaini Begum Sahiba (d. at Vellore, before 1806), younger daughter of H.E. Shams ul-Mulk, Amir ud-Daula, Nawab Hyder 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Hyder Jang, Nawab of Hydernagar, Subadar of Sira and Sarvadhikari of Mysore, by his wife, Kennie Sahiba, daughter of Mehdi Beg. m. (a) Rajibi Sahib (d. after 1839). He was k. (poisoned) at Savanur, 2nd November 1827 (bur. Khadarbag), having had issue, seven sons:
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