The ruling family is one of the bluest blood in the Punjab hills. During the latter part of the eleventh century, a massive flood engulfed the ancient capital, Sirmur, and all its inhabitants. The ancient ruling family of having become extinct, the priests and nobles of the state approached Salbahan II, the great Rawal of Jaisalmer, requesting him to send them a prince to rule over them. He agreed to the request and dispatched his third son, Hassoo, together with his wife. The prince expired at Sirhind, while en-route to Sirmur, his wife being enceinte at his death. She gave birth to a posthumous son at Poka, near Sirmuri Tal. He was named Plasoo [Pasalu] because he was born under a Plass tree, and the family have been known as Plassia ever since.

Some state and family histories disagree about what happened immediately afterwards. However, it appears that Rai Sal Bahan II may have dispatched another son or grandson to rule as regent or guardian for the young Plasoo. At any event, Plasoo came of age and assumed full ruling powers as the first ruler of the new dynasty under the reign name, Raja Shubhbans Prakash in 1095 AD.

The Gurkhas conquered Sirmur in 1803 when the ruling prince was given refuge in British territory. On the conclusion of the Anglo-Nepalese war in 1815, the state was restored to the family in the person of the young Raja Fateh Prakash.


Azure six bees (three, two, and one) or within a bordure indented gules. Crest: A stag's head erased proper. Supporters: Leopards proper. Lambrequins: Azure and or.

The ruling prince: Sri Maharaja (personal name) Prakash Bahadur, Maharaja of Sirmur, with the style of His Highness.
The consort of the ruling prince: Sri Maharani (personal name) Kumari Deviji Sahiba, with the style of Her Highness.
The Heir Apparent: Sri Tkka (personal name) Singh.
The consort of the Heir Apparent: Sri Tikkarani (personal name) Sahiba.
The younger sons of the ruling prince: Sri Maharajkumar (personal name) Singh Sahib.
The consorts of the younger sons of the ruling prince: Sri Rani (personal name) Sahiba.
The daughters of the ruling prince: Sri Maharajkumari (personal name) Deviji Sahiba.
The other male descendans of the ruling prince, in the male line: Kunwar (personal name) Singh
The other female descendans of the ruling prince, in the male line: Kunveri (personal name).

None known.

Male primogeniture, with the right of adoption by the recognised head of the family, on the failure of natural heirs.

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