The ruling family of Kolhapur enjoys a common ancestry with the Bhonsle dynasties of Tanjore and Satara (see those families). They claim descent from the Sisodia clan of Rajputs, the same descent as the ancient rulers of Chittor and Udaipur. The states of Satara and Kolhapur came into being in 1707, because of the succession dispute over the Mahratta kingship. Shahu Shivaji, Heir Apparent to the Mahratta kingdom, captured by the Mughals at the age of nine, remained their prisoner at the death of his father in 1700. The Dowager Maharani Tara Bai proclaimed his younger half-brother, and her son, Shahu Sambhaji as Chhatrapati Maharaj under her regency. The Mughals released Shahu Shivaji under certain conditions in 1707, and he returned to claim his inheritance. He defeated the regent at the battle of Khed and established himself at Satara, forcing her to retire with her son to Kholapur. By 1710 two separate principalities had become an established fact, eventually confirmed by the Treaty of Warna in 1731. Kolhapur entered into treaty relations with the HEIC, after the collapse of the Mahratta confederacy in 1812. The state acceded to the Dominion of India on 14th August 1947 and merged with Bombay on 1st March 1949.

SALUTE: 19-Guns.

The Ruling Prince: Kshatrtiya-Kulawatasana Sinhasanadhishwar Shrimant Maharaja (personal name) Chhatrapati Maharaj Bahadur, Maharaja of Kolhapur, with the style of His Highness
The consort of the ruling prince: Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Maharani (personal name) Raje Sahib Maharaj Bhonsle, Maharani of Kolhapur, with the styled of Her Highness.
The Heir Apparent: Shrimant Yuvraj (personal name) Chhatrapati Maharaj Bhonsle.
The younger sons of the ruling prince: Shrimant Maharajkumar (personal name) Chhatrapati Maharaj Bhonsle.
The daughters of the ruling prince: Shrimant Maharajkumar (personal name) Sahib Maharaj Bhonsle.

Male primogeniture with the right of adoption by the recognised Head of the family if there has been a failure of natural heirs.


Chhatrapati Maharaj: Lord of the Umbrella.
Kshatrtiya-Kulawatasana: The Head of the Kshatriya race.
Mamalakat Madar: Pillar of the State
Sinhasanadhishwar: the enthroned King.

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