The Ahluwalia Dynasty


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1852 - 1870 H.H. Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh al-Iqtidad-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Raja-i-Rajgan Raja Sir Randhar Singh Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala, GCSI (10.12.1864). b. at Kapurthala Fort, 26th March 1831, eldest son of H.H. Raja Nihal Singh Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala, by his first wife, H.H. Rani Pratap Kaur Sahiba, educ. privately. Became Heir Apparent with the title of Sri Tikka Sahib BahadurOctober 1837. Succeeded on the death of his father, 13th September 1852. He rendered signal services to the Government of India during the Indian Mutiny in the Jullundar Doab 1857-1858, commanding his own troops in person, and Oudh 1858-1859 where he serving for the better part of ten months (MID, Mutiny Medal). He also made many improvements in the state administration, established a formal judicial and legal system, oversaw the creation of Anglo-Vernacular schools and the erection of many buildings and amenities for public utility. Rewarded for his services with a hereditary salute of 11-guns (local) and the titles of Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh al-Iqtidad-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia, 2nd June 1858. Also received large and valuable estates in the province of Oudh. Granted the title of Raja-i-Rajgan 12th March 1861, and a permanent salte of 11-guns with precedence before all other durbaris in the province of Oudh. Granted a sanad of adoption, 31st March 1862. Presdt of the Taluqdars of Oudh. Lay Mbr Punjab Missionary Conference (Lahore) 1862-1863. Rcvd: Indian Mutiny Medal with one clasp (1858). m. (first) at Kapurthala Palace, 21st February 1848, H.H. Rani ... Kaur Sahib (d. at Kapurthala, 1853). m. (second) H.H. Rani ... Kaur Sahib (d. at Kapurthala, 1857). m. (third) at Kapurthala Palace, 16th May 1859 (Christian rite) (div. 1869), Henrietta Melvina [Lady Randhir Singh] (bapt. at Kurnaul, 7th March 1841; m. second, at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, 20th October 1871, John Hamer Oliver, MRCS, Staff Assist-Surgeon RA, and d. at Kumla Lodge, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, before 13th April 1893, bur. All Saints Church, Dodinghurst, Essex), Mbr Royal Colonial Inst (Lond), eldest daughter of Robert Theodore Hodges, Esq, sometime Head Writer at Ludhiana, Punjab, and tutor to Prince Randhar Singh, by his wife, Katherine, half sister of Mohan Lal Kashmiri, KDE, KLS, and daughter of Rai Bahadur Pandit Budh Singh [Rai Brahm Nath], of Delhi. He d. at sea onboard the SS Golconda, off the coast of Aden, 2nd April 1870 (crem. at Nasik, on the banks of the Godavari River), having had issue, two sons and one daughter by his first wife, one son by his second, and three daughters by his third wife:
  • 1) Sri Tikka Kharak Singh Sahib Bahadur, who succeeded as H.H. Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh al-Iqtidad-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Raja-i-Rajgan Raja Kharak Singh Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala (s/o the first Rani) - see below.
  • 2) The Hon Raja Sir Harnam Singh, KCIE (31.12.1898, CIE 1.1.1885). b. at Kapurthala Fort, 15th November 1851 (s/o the first Rani), educ. American Presbytarian Mission Sch, Kapurthala. Left Kapurthala in 1872 after a disagreement with his elder brother and settled at Jullundur. Baptised as a Christian. Superintendent of the Oudh estates 1876- 1895, Mbr Calcutta International Exhibition Cttee 1883-1884, Mbr Hemp Drugs Cmsn 1893-1894, MLC India and MLC Punjab 1900-1902, Mbr Indian Council of State 1920. Represented the Maharaja of Kapurthala at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Victoria in 1887. Granted the personal title of Kanwar Bahadur, prom to Raja 1907 (made hereditary 12th December 1911). Chair Soc for the Protection of Children in India 1902. Presdt National Missionary Assoc of India 1905. Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in India. Elder Scots’ Church Simla. Patron Indian Christian Assoc (ICA) of the UP of Agra & Oudh. Hon Life Sec British India Assoc of Taluqdars of Oudh. Hon Fellow of Punjab Univ. Life Mbr Court of Lucknow Univ. MRAS (GB & Ire). Trustee of “The Tribune” newspaper. Rcvd: Prince of Wales’s Silver Medal (1876), KIH Silver Medal (1877), Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Gold Medal (1887), King Edward VII Coron (1903), Delhi Durbar (1903), and King George V Delhi Durbar (1911) silver medals. m. at Lucknow, 1875, Rani Priscilla, Lady Harnam Singh (b. 1849; d. September 1924), née Priscilla Golaknath, Chair Indian Women’s Memorial 1901, Founder Jullunder Infant Welfare Centre and Lady Chelmsford Purdah Club (Simla), Mbr Lady Reading Hospital Advisory Brd, rcvd: Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Gold Medal (1887), and Edward VII Coron Silver Medal (1903), third daughter of The Rev Charles Golak Nath Chaterjee, of Jullundur, Punjab, sometime Professor of Mathematics, Government Coll, Lahore, Punjab, and Minister of the Scottish American Presbyterian Mission, by his Kashmiri wife, Salina, née Tickoo. He d. at The Manor, Simla, 20th May 1930 (bur. there), having had issue, eight sons and two daughters:
    • a) Raja Raghubir Singh, OBE (c 3.6.1919). b. at Kapurthala Palace, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow, 3rd May 1876, educ. Harrow Sch, Middlesex, Forman Christian Coll, Lahore, Punjab, Trinity Coll, Cambridge (BA 1897), and Middle Temple, London. Barr-at-Law 1898, joined the Punjab Civil Service 1902, Assist Cmsnr Punjab 1902, Deputy Cmsnr 1923, Deputy Collector Ludhiana, retd 1931. Succeeded to the title of Raja on the death of his father, 20th May 1930. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar silver medal (1911). m. at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, December 1907, Rani Lena, second daughter of The Rev Dr Kali Charan Chatterjee, KIH, DD, of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, sometime Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in India, by his wife, Mary, daughter of The Rev Charles Golak Nath Chaterjee, of Jullundur, Punjab, sometime Professor of Mathematics, Government Coll, Lahore, Punjab, and Minister of the Scottish American Presbyterian Mission. He d.s.p. 6th November 1941 (succ. by his younger brother).
    • b) Kanwar Rajinder Singh. b. at Kapurthala Badshah Bagh, Palace, Lucknow, 1877. He d.v.p. there, 13th May 1883 (bur. there).
    • c) Raja Sir Maharaj Singh, CIE (3.6.1915), CStJ (23.7.1937). b. at Jullundur, Punjab, 17th May 1878, educ. Harrow Sch, Middlesex, Balliol Coll, Oxford (BA 1900, MA 1901), and Middle Temple, London. Barr-at-Law 1902, joined United Provinces Civil Service 1903, Deputy Collector 1904-1908, Assist Registrar Co-operative Credit Societies 1908-1911 (actg Registrar 1909 and 1910), transf ICS 1911, Assist Sec for Education GOI 1911-1915 (actg Joint Sec 1914), Snr Assist Sec 1915-1917, Magistrate and Collector Hamirpur 1917-1918, Deputy Cmsnr Hardoi 1918-1919, Judicial & Education Sec to the Govt of UP 1919-1920, Deputy Sec for Education GOI 1921-1922, Deputy Cmsnr Bahraich 1923-1926, Mbr Indian Deputations to Mauritius 1924, British Guiana 1925, and East Africa 1927-1928 and 1946, Cmsnr Allahabad dist 1927-1928 and 1929-1931, and Benares 1928-1929, Chief Minister of Jodhpur 1931-1932, Agent-General for India in South Africa 1932-1935, Home Member UP Govt 1935-1937, MLA UP 1937-1945 and MLC 1946-1947, Vice-Chancellor Lucknow Univ 1941-1943, Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir 1943-1945, Indian delegate to Commonwealth Relations Conference London 1945, Delegate to UN General Assembly (British 1946-1947, Indian 1947-1948), Governor of Bombay 1948-1952 (the first Indian to hold that post). Presdt National Liberal Fed 1943-1944, and Indian Christian Assoc 1944. Presdt of Honour Indian Amateur Boxing Fed 1949-1959. Vice-Patron United Service Institution of India 1948-1952. Hon LL.D. Allahabad Univ 1951. Succeeded to the title of Raja on the death of his elder brother, 6th November 1941. Rcvd: knighted (23.2.1933), Silver Jubilee (1935), Coron (1937), and Indian Independence (1948) medals. m. 11th February 1918, Rani Gunwati Kaur, Lady Maharaj Singh (b. at Ferozepur, 13th January 1889), educ. Dufferin High Sch, Lahore, and Isabella Thoburn Coll, Allahabad Univ (BA), Trinity Coll of Music (Assoc) and St Mary’s Coll, London (dip Ed 1917), Lecturer in History & Literature at Isabella Thoburn Coll 1914-1916, Presdt Indian Women’s Assoc (South Africa) 1933-1935, Mbr Mgmt Brd of Theosophical Girls’ Sch (Allahabad), Indian Univ Women’s Movement, Purdah Club (Simla), etc, daughter of Rai Bahadur Maya Dass, of Kahanchandwala, Punjab, by his wife, Mohini, eldest daughter of Lala Chandu Lall, of Lahore, Punjab. He d. at Lucknow, 6th June 1959, having had issue, two sons and one daughter:
      • i) Raja Ranbir Singh. b. at Hardoi, 11th June 1919, educ. Diocesan Coll for Boys (Bishop’s), Cape Town, South Africa, Balliol Coll, Oxford (BA 1937), and the Middle Temple, London. Joined External Affairs Dept, Second Sec Cairo 1954-1956, Assist Cmsnr in Fed of Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1956, Deputy Sec & Chief Passport Officer New Delhi 1959, Counsellor Dublin 1963, chargés d’affaires at Indian embassies in Tokyo, Cairo, The Hague and Dublin 1964. Succeeded to the title of Raja on the death of his father, 6th June 1959. Tennis player, represented India in Davis Cup 1938-1939. m. (first) 1951 (div. ca 1958) Khanum Haji [Mrs Khanum Singh] (b. at Jabbalpore, Bombay, 30th August 1922; m. second, ca 1959, Poothicote Oommen Cheryan, and d. at Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA, 29th November 2014), national tennis champion of India 1946-1948 an 1957, Ceylon tennis champion 1948, South India singles champion 1957, Asian doubles champion 1957, Western India doubles champion 1960, Presdt World Bank/Fundl/FC Tennis Club 1973-1974, Mbr Bombay Parsi Gymkhana Club, Calcutta South Club, All India Tennis Assoc, etc. m. (second) in India, 22nd April 1967 (div.), Catherine Auriol Lycett Green (b. at St Marylebone, London, 23rd April 1935; m. second, at Kensington, London, 1981, Patrick Field Till, of York, North Yorkshire, solicitor), only daughter of Commander David Cecil Lycett Green, RN, sometime Chair Senior Economisers Ltd, by his first wife, Angela [The Rt Hon Angela, Baroness Grimthorpe], youngest daughter of Edward Hubert Courage, Esq, of The Hall, Kirkby Fleetham, near Bedale, Yorkshire. He d. at New Delhi, 21st June 1996, having had issue, two sons by his first wife, and three daughters by his second wife:
        • (1) Raja Jai Singh. b. 24th March 1952 (s/o Khanum Haji), educ. Harrow Sch, Middlesex. Succeeded to the title of Raja on the death of his father, June 1996. Settled in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA. Vice-Presdt Clearway LLC. m. at Hammersmith, London, 2000, Lucy Rose Singh (b. 15th December 1964), interior and garden designer, MD Lucy Rose Design 2000-2011, Mbr Marsh Landing Garden Club, former wife of Alexander Evelyn Giles Ward, of Cornwell Manor, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, eldest daughter of Rupert William Lycett Green, of The Mill House, Uffington, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, fashion designer, by his wife, Candida Rose, Mrs Lycett Green, daughter of Sir John Betjeman, CBE, sometime Poet Laureate.
        • (2) Kanwar Pratap Singh [Paul Sinclair]. b. 16th at Cairo, Egypt, April 1955 (s/o Khanum Haji), educ. in the Netherlands, Ireland, and at Harrow Sch, Middlesex. Business psychology consultant and expert on psychometric testing. Mng Partner of Sinclair Assocs (Business Coaching & Team Building) 1993, MD of Greendawn Communications 2013-2017. Mbr European Mentoring & Coaching Council. m. (first) at Uttlesford, Essex, 26th August 1980 (div. ca. 1984), Jane Watson, from Saffron Walden, Essex. m. (second) at Ealing, London, June 1995, Angela M. [Angie Singh], née Crines, from Glasgow, Scotland, mosaic maker with Groovetastic Mozaics, Bath, Somerset. He d. 15th January 2017, having had issue, one son and one daughter by his second wife:
          • (a) Alex Cody Singh. b. at Bath, Somerset, 22nd July 1996, educ. Devizes Sch, Devizes, Wiltshire, and Univ of Brighton, Brighton, Sussex.
          • (a) Nina Catherine Singh. b. at Bath, Somerset, 17th April 1999.
        • (1) Rajkumari Xenia Kaur [Xenia Ranbir Singh][The Hon Mrs Thomas Watson]. b. at Paddington, London, 9th June 1968 (d/o Catherine). Trustee Marwar Animal Protection Trust (UK). m. at St Mary’s Church, Westow, North Yorkshire, 16th July 2005, as his second wife, The Hon Thomas Philip Watson (b. 7th May 1958), younger son and triplet of Captain The Rt Hon Joseph Rupert Eric Robert (Watson), 3rd Baron Manton, late 7th Queen’s Own Hussars, former gentleman rider, of Houghton Hall, Sancton, York, by his wife, The Rt Hon Mary Elizabeth, Baroness Manton, twin daughter of Major Thomas Denehy Hallinan, of Ashbourne, Giounthaune, co. Cork, Ireland.Copyright© Christopher Buyer
        • (2) Rajkumari Tamara Catherine Kaur [Tamara Catherine Ranbir Singh]. b. at Paddington, London, 6th May 1970 (d/o Catherine), educ. Queen Mary’s Sch, Baldersby Park, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Teacher in Hong Kong. m. ..., and has issue, a daughter.
        • (3) Rajkumari Alexia Indira Kaur [Alexia Indira Singh]. b. at St Marylebone, London, 8th January 1973 (d/o Catherine). Picture Editor EMPICS Sports Photo Library, Editor-in-Charge of the Magazine Desk at Reuters, Paris, 2005. m. Christopher Ratcliffe, writer. She has issue, one son.
      • ii) Kanwar Mahindar Singh. b. at Delhi, 12th January 1921, educ. Bishop Cotton Sch, Simla, Diocesan Coll for Boys (Bishop’s), Cape Town, South Africa, Balliol Coll, Oxford, and Lucknow Univ. Employed with Tata & Co Ltd in Calcutta, and Mahendra & Mahendra Ltd. First Class cricketer 1941-1942, and Founder Mbr Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Assoc. m. Kanwarani Premola Mahindar Singh, widow of Wing Commander Karun Krishna Majumdar, DFC and Bar, RIAF, and daughter of Rai Bahadur Prio Nath Dutt, sometime Registrar of Punjab Univ, by his wife, Norma, daughter of Babu Brij Nath Mitter, sometime Supt of the Sessions Court, Jullundur, Punjab. He d. from cancer, at Chandigarh, (East) Punjab, 15th August 2004, having had issue, an only daughter:
        • (1) Bibiji Nihar Kaur. b. at Bombay, 4th April 1962. m. at Chandigarh, East Punjab, 8th February 1992, Proshant Das (b. at Chandigarh, East Punjab, 11th August 1960), younger son of Captain Eris Shantwan Das, of Tarn Taran, Punjab, late 4th Btn (Sikhs), 12th Frontier Force Regt, IA and officer IFS, sometime MD Himachal Pradesh State Forest Corp, by his wife, Shuneila Rubra, daughter of The Rev Canon Anandswaroop Benjamin Chandu Lall, of Narowal, Punjab. She has issue, two sons:
          • (a) Siddhant Das. b. at 13th December 1992.
          • (b) Vikrant Das. b. at New Delhi, 8th December 1995.
      • i) Rajkumari Bibji Prem Kaur. m. Kamal Seth (d. at Lucknow, UP). She had issue, one son and one daughter:
        • (1) Arun Seth. Settled in Noida, UP. m. Poonam Seth, educ. St Mary’s Convent High Sch, Allahabad, and Allahabad Univ. He had issue, two daughters:
          • (a) Nitika Seth. Fashion designer.
          • (b) Sonali Seth. m. 7th November 2012, Anant Bhasin, educ. City Univ of London (BSc 2006), and Cass Business Sch (MSc 2007), probably son of Raaja Bhasin, by his wife, Indira, sometime Lecturer St Bede’s Coll, Simla.
        • (1) Arati Seth. m. (div.) ... She had issue, two daughters.
    • d) Lieutenant-Colonel Kanwar Shumshere Singh [Shummy]. b. at Bahraich, 21st June 1879, educ. Rugby, Warwickshire, Pembroke Coll, Cambridge (BA 1900), Middle Temple, and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, MRCS (1905), LRCP (Lond. 1905). Cmsnd as Lieut IMS 1/9/1906, prom Capt 1/9/1909, served in the Great War 1914-1918, prom Maj 1/9/1918, Civil Surgeon Punjab 1921-1924, and at Jullunder 1924-1934, prom Lieut-Col 1/9/1926, retd 1934. Cricketer who once played for the Co of Kent. Mbr Royal Societies Club. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar (1911), 1914 Star, British Defence, Allied Victory (1918), Silver Jubilee (1935), and Coron (1937) medals. m. at All-Souls, Langham Place, Westminster, Middlesex, 22nd December 1906, Kanwarani Maude Shumshere Singh (b. at Ramsgate, Kent, 1885; d. at Simla, 1956), née Juliette Alice Maude Anderson d’Auquier, daughter of The Rev Emile Cornet d’Auquier, sometime Headmaster of South Eastern Coll and Curate of St Luke’s Church, Ramsgate, Kent, by his wife, Alice Maud, daughter of Richard Cope, merchant, of Manchester and Malvern. He d. at 2 Willingdon Crescent, New Delhi, 12th May 1975, having had issue, one son and one daughter:
      • i) Kanwar Hector Shumshere Singh. b. 1910. He d. in Switzerland, 1945.
      • i) Bibiji (Cheryl) Beryl Maud Shumshere Singh. b. at Mussoorie, 27th March 1908. She d. unm. at Manorville, Simla, 1st May 1948.Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • e) Captain Kanwar Inderjit Singh, MC (posth. 1.1.1915). b. at Kapurthala Palace, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow, 27th December 1883, educ. Harrow Sch, Middlesex, Pembroke Coll, Cambridge (BA), and King’s Coll, London MBBS (1911), MRCP (1912). Cmsnd as Lieut IMS 28/1/1911, officiating MO 28th Punjabis 1912-1914, prom Capt 28/1/1914, MO 57th Wilde’s Rifles 1914, served in the Great War in France and Flanders as MO, QM and transport officer. Rcvd: MID twice, 1914 star, British War and Allied Victory medals. He was k-i-a at Festubert, Belgium, 23rd November 1914.
    • f) The Hon Kanwar Sir Dalip Singh. b. at Kapurthala Palace, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow, 2nd June 1885, educ. Forman Christian Coll, Lahore, Pembroke Coll, Cambridge (BA), and Lincoln’s Inn, London. Barr-at-Law in private practice at the Lahore High Court 1912-1926, Sec Punjab Legislative Assembly 1921-1922, Assist Legal Remembrancer Punjab 1922-1924, Advocate-Gen Punjab 1924-1925, Additional Judge Lahore 1926-1930, Puisne Judge Lahore High Court 1930-1943, Presiding Officer of the Judicial Cttee and Judicial Adviser for the Mandi, Suket and Simla Hill States 1943-1946, Chair UN Cttee on the Progressive Development of International Law and its Codification 1946-1947, Legal & Treaties Advisor at the Ministry of External Affairs 1947, Agent-Gen for the GOI in Kashmir 1947. Trustee of “The Tribune” newspaper 1948-1963. Chair Forman Christian Coll Brd of Directors, and Punjab Public Library. Presdt Punjab Lawn Tennis Assoc (PLTA) 1932. Vice-Presdt All-India Lawn Tennis Assoc. Sec Assoc of Commonwealth Univs (Lahore). Fellow Punjab Library Assoc. Mbr Punjab Public Library Cttee, etc. Rcvd: knighted (23.2.1943), Silver Jubilee (1935), Coron (1937), and Indian Independence (1948) medals. m. Kanwarani Reva, Lady Dalip Singh, KIH silver medal (20.11.1935) (b. at Calcutta, Bengal, 27th December 1904; d. at Chandigarh, Punjab, 24th September 1981), daughter of Babu Satish Chandra Gupta, CIE, sometime Sec of the Central Legislative Assembly, New Delhi, by his wife, Srimathi Priyabala, daughter of Babu Kedar Nath Roy Chattopadhya Bahadur, MA, LLB, of Raghunathpur, Dacca, sometime District and Sessions Judge, Bengal. He d. at Lahore, Punjab, 13th January 1971, having had issue, an only daughter:
      • i) Bibiji Jaya Kaur [Jaya Dalip Singh Ahluwalia] [Mrs Jaya Thadani], educ. in England. Hon Private Sec to Countess Mountbatten of Burma 1947-1948. Washington representative of “The Tribune” newspaper. Author of “When Sparrows Killed Hawks: A children’s life of Guru Gobind Singh” (1966), and “Report of the World YWCA Council Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 12-26, 1975”. Joint editor of “Land of the Five Rivers: stories of the Punjab” (1965). Rcvd: Indian Independence Medal (1948). m. Dr Jivat N. Thadani (b. at Delhi, 8th September 1927), educ. Hindu Coll, Delhi Univ (BA 1939), Williams Coll (MA 1961), Williamstown, Maryland, USA, and the Delhi Sch of Economics (PhD 1950), joined IAS, Deputy Controller Delhi Cloth & General Mills Co Ltd, Dir of Industries, Economic Adviser for the World Bank in Washington DC, son of Professor Nanikram Vasanmal Thadani, sometime Principal Hindu Coll and Rector of Delhi Univ. She had issue, a son:
        • (1) Dr Vijay Michael Thadani. b. 28th December 1954, educ. Princeton Univ, New Jersey (BA 1976), Yale Univ, New Haven, Connecticut (Ph.D. 1981), and Columbia Univ Coll of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, USA (MD 1985). Medical Intern at St Luke’s Hospital New York 1985-1986, Resident Neurologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital 1986-1989, Neurology-Epilepsy Fellow at Yale Univ Sch of Medicine 1989-1990, Neurologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre in Lebanon, NH since 1991, Assoc Professor of Medicine (Neurology) at Dartmouth Medical Sch. m. at St Francis Xavier RC Church, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 21st June 1986, Onita Canning Connington, educ. Goucher Coll, daughter of Richard Dewey Connington, sometime Presdt Dewey Irwin & Co, of New York, USA, by his wife, Florence K. , née Canning. He has issue, one son and one daughter:
          • (a) Michael Christopher Himmat Thadani. b. at Norwich, Vermont, USA, September 1993, educ. Univ of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.
          • (a) Eleanor Elizabeth Sunita Thadani. b. January 1990, educ. Hanover High Sch, New Hampshire, and Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
    • g) Kanwar Jasbir Singh, CIE (12.6.1941). b. at Kapurthala Palace, Badshah Bagh, Lucknow, 16th June 1887, educ. Forman Christian Coll, Lahore, Punjab, Balliol Coll, Oxford, Pembroke Coll, Cambridge (BA), and Lincoln’s Inn, London. Barr-at-Law 1912. Joined UP Civil Service 1913, Deputy Collector Gorakpur, Magistrate and Assist Settlement Officer 1913-1920, Under-Sec to govt of UP 1920-1922, Special Magistrate & Mngr Balrampur Raj on behalf of the Court of Wards 1922-1932, Collector Benares 1933-1934 and Saharampur 1934-1937, Deputy Cmsnr Lucknow 1938-1940, Sec UP Dept of Information 1940-1942. m. at Lucknow, 31st January 1914, Kanwarani Mabel Jasbir Singh (b. 1888; d. 1974), educ. Univ of Indiana (B.Ed.), Bloomington, Indiana, USA, teacher, née Mabel Golaknath, daughter of his maternal uncle, Edward Golaknath, Esq, sometime Deputy Inspector of Police Jullundar, by his wife, Eleanor Mary [Mrs Samuel Davis], daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas George Dupré Payn, VD, late 7th Royal Regt of Fusiliers and Kapurthala State Forces. He d. from typhoid fever, at Delhi, 15th October 1942, having had issue, three sons and one daughter:
      • i) Air Vice-Marshal Kanwar Jaswant Singh [Jumper], PVSM (26.1.1963). b. at Budaon, UP, 19th September 1915, educ. Prince of Wales’s Royal Indian Military Coll (RIMC), Dehradun. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut IA 2/2/1936, attached Royal Fusiliers 1936-1937, prom Lieut 2/5/1938, coy officer 4th Btn (Sikhs), 12th Frontier Force Regt 25/2/1938, served in WW2 1939-1945, prom Capt 2/2/1944, transf RIAF, prom Sqd Ldr 2/5/1944, CO No. 2 Sqd. RIAF 1944, prom Grp Capt 1956, OC Agra Air Force Station 1956-1958, prom Air Cdre 27/5/1958, AOC Transport HQ Bangalore 1958-1959, AOC-in-C Ghana Air Force 1960-1962, served in the Indo-China conflict 1962, prom AVM 3//3/1962, VCOS 1962, AOC-in-C EAC HQ 1962-1963. Mbr Roshanara Club (Delhi). Rcvd: 39/45 and Pacific stars, British War and India Service (1945), Indian Independence (1948) medals, etc. m. at Kohat, 1942, Kanwarani Mariam Jaswant Singh (b. 1920; d. 1988), only daughter of The Hon Khan ‘Abdu’l Jabbar Khan [Dr Khan Sahib], LRCP, MRCS, late Capt IMS, Premier the NWFP and Chief Minister of West Pakistan, by his second wife, Mrs Mary Khan Sahib [May], an English or Scottish lady. He d. suddenly from heart failure, at Calcutta, 1st January 1963, having had issue, one son and two daughters:
        • (1) Kanwar Jairaj Singh [Tiggy]. b. 1949, educ. the Doon Sch, Dehradun, and St Stephen’s Coll, Delhi Univ (BA Econ. 1969), New Delhi. Chief Exec (Extrusion dvsn) of Indian Aluminium Co Ltd 1995-1998, Vice-Presdt (Sheet business) of Indian Aluminium Co Ltd 1999-2000, MD Avery India Ltd since 2001, Chair Tiger Haven Soc since 2010. Dir Salter India Pvt Ltd, Schenck Avery Ltd, etc.
        • (1) Bibiji Brinda Kaur [Mrs Brinda Dubey]. b. 1946. Presdt West End Residents Welfare Assoc. Dir Tiger Haven Soc. Mbr Governing Council of The Hunger Soc. m. December 1966, Sushil Dubey (b. at Rawalpindi, Punjab, 27th November 1940), educ. The Doon Sch, Dehra Dun, Delhi Univ (BA Econ), New Delhi, and Oxford Univ, joined Indian Foreign Service 1964, 3rd Sec Madrid 1966-1968, 2nd Sec Singapore 1968-1970, 1st Sec Rio-de-Janeiro 1970-1972, Counsellor Permanent Mission to UN 1978-1980, Dir Ministry of External Affairs Delhi 1980-1983, Ambassador to Peru (conc. Bolivia) 1983-1986, Angola 1986-1988, and Sweden (conc. Estonia and Latvia) 1997-2000, Minister Permanent Mission to UN New York 1988-1991, Under-Sec African Affairs 1991-1992, Consul-Gen for California at San Franciso, USA 1992-1995, Additional Sec Ministry of External Affairs Delhi 1995-1997, Mbr The Doon Sch OBA, The Assoc of Indian Diplomats, etc, son of Major-General Uday Chand Dubey, IA retd, sometime GOC Delhi area. She had issue.
        • (2) Bibiji Kamini Kaur. b. 1948. She d. from wounds received in a motorcycle crash, at Delhi, 1971.
      • ii) Kanwar Arjan Singh [Billy]. b. at Gorakhpur, Punjab, 15th August 1917, educ. Philander Smith Coll, Naini Tal, Christain Coll, Lucknow, and Allahabad Univ (BA). Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut (W.S.) IA 28/12/1940, attached RIA, prom Lieut 30/6/1942, served in WW2 1940-1945 in India and Southern Iraq, resig 1946. Conservationist and expert on the Asian tiger. Presdt Tiger Haven Soc 1992-2010. Author of “Tiger Haven” (1971), “Prince of Cats” (1982), “Tiger Tiger” (1985), “Eelie and the Big Cats” (2001), “Watching India’s Wildlife: The Anthology of A Lifetime” (2004), etc. Rcvd: 39/45 Star, British War and India Service medals (1945), Padma Shri (26.1.1995), and Padma Bushan (26.1.2006), Officer of the Order of the Golden Ark of the Netherlands (1977), World Wildlife Gold Medal (1976), etc. He d. unm. at Jasbir Nagar, Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, 1st January 2010 (bur. Dudhwa National Park).Copyright© Christopher Buyers
      • iii) Kanwar Balram Singh. b. at Balrampur, UP, 1926, educ. the Doon Sch, Dehradun, and St Stephen’s Coll, Delhi Univ (BA), New Delhi. Employed with Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd in Calcutta. Mbr Bombay Natural History Soc 1948, Tiger Haven Soc, Oriental Bird Club, etc. m. at Calcutta, Bengal, 1955, Kanwarani Mira Balram Singh (b. 1932), educ. at Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, Mbr Bombay Natural History Soc, Tiger Haven Soc, Cttee of Young Women’s Christian Assoc (Calcutta), etc, née Mira Benjamin, elder daughter of Eric Joseph Benjamin, an official in the Indian High Cmsn in London, by his wife, Mrs Romola Benjamin. He d. 31st January 1998, having had issue, two sons:
        • (1) Kanwar Jasmer Singh. b. at Calcutta, Bengal, 21st April 1957, educ. The Doon Sch, Dehradun, and St Stephen’s Coll, Delhi Univ, New Delhi. Joined McNeil & Magors in 1975 at their tea planation in Darjeeling, subsequently posted to Assam. He d.v.p. unm. 22nd February 1986. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
        • (2) Kanwar Karanbir Singh. b. at Calcutta, Bengal, 21st August 1958, educ. The Doon Sch, Dehradun, and St Xavier’s Coll, Calcutta (BA), Bengal. Dir Al Mostaqbal Building Materials LLC in Dubai. m. at Calcutta, Bengal, 8th February 1981 (div. 1993) Lynda Elizabeth Vertannes Singh (b. at Calcutta, Bengal, 11th October 1958), daughter of Vernon S. Vertannes, of Calcutta, Bengal, by his wife, Arax, daughter of Hyrapiet Bethlehem Sookias, of Calcutta, Bengal, stockbroker. He had issue, two sons:
          • (a) Kanwar Rajbir Stephen Singh. b. at Calcutta, Bengal, 25th August 1983, educ. The Doon Sch, Dehradun, the HR Coll of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai (B.Com. 2004), and the Univ of Wollongong in Dubai (MIB 2006), UAE. Brand Services Mngr Lowe Lintas & Partners in Mumbai 2006-2007 and Calcutta 2007-2008, Assist Producer Ten Sports 2008-2009, Group Account Mngr Olilvy & Mather 2009-2010, Marketing Mngr Al Mostaqlal Building Materials LLC in Dubai 2010-2011, MD of Dimensions Fitness 2011-2012, General Mngr Mechanical Engineering Services Est since 2012. m. at St Thomas Cathedral, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 3rd February 2017, Kanwarani Alamara Margaret Khan Singh, educ. Villa Theresa High Sch, and St Xavier’s Coll, Mumbai (BA 2004), and American Intercontinental Univ (dip. Photography 2004), writer, journalist and editor.
          • (b) Kanwar Karamjit Eric Singh [Karam Singh]. b. at Dehradun, 21st March 1990, educ. La Martinere Sch for Boys, Calcutta, Bengal, Christ Univ (BBA 2012), Bangalore, AP, and the Univ of Wollongong in Dubai (MIB 2015), UAE. Account & Business Development Exec Al Mostaqlal Building Materials LLC in Dubai 2012-2015, Sports Adviser (Fitness) Decathlon Sports India 2015-2016, Assist Business Development Mngr at TomTom 2016-2017.
      • i) Bibiji Amar Kaur Jasbir Singh [Mrs Amar K. Commander]. b. at Nainital, Kumaon, 1924. Research Assist and archivist at the India Office Library, expert on Bhutan and Tibet. Author of “Gandhi and Civil Disobedience: Documents in the India Office Records 1922-1946” (1980), “Himalayan Triangle: Historical Survey of British India’s Relations with Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan, 1765-1950” (1988), “A Guide to Source Materials in the India Office Library and Records for the History of Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan, 1765-1950” (1988), “How the Tibetan Problem Influenced China‚s Foreign Relations” (1992). Co-author “Archival Collections in the India Office Records” (1980). Dir Project Tiger. m. at St Peter‚s Church, Bayswater, London, 26th March 1951 (div. 1958), John Edward Commander (b. at Birmingham, Warwickshire, January 1927), cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut (NS List) RAEC 9/9/1949, publisher in London, Exeec Dir & Sec The William Blake Trust 1994-2013, Dir Lavenham Literary Festival Ltd, 2011-2013, author of “Samuel Palmer and his Circle” (1957), only son of Archibald Commander, of Eversham, Worcestershire, by his wife, Doris Winifred, elder daughter of Edward Anthony Druce, of Bournville, Worcestershire, sometime insurance and life ssurance agent. She has issue, one son and one daughter:
        • (1) Simon John Commander. b. at Cambridge, 15th June 1953, educ. Christ Coll, Cambridge Univ (BA 1975), and Oxford Univ PhD 1980). Employed with the World Bank 1988-1990, Adviser to the Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) 1998, Snr Visiting Fellow at London Business Sch at the Centre for New and Emerging Markets and the Economics Dept 1999-2001, Research Fellow IZA Inst of Labor Economics 1999, Dir Centre for New and Emerging Markets (CNEM) since 2001, Tiger Haven Soc, etc.
        • (1) Priyadarshani Commander. b. at St Marylebone, Middlesex, Jan-Mar 1958. Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Counselling Mngr Charterhouse-in-Southwark, Project Mngr Multi-Ethnic Counselling Service in Waterloo. Artist and sculptor. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • a) The Hon Rajkumari Bibiji Amrit Kaur, DStJ (22.12.1948). b. at Kapurthala Badshah Bagh, Palace, Lucknow, 2nd February 1889, educ. Sherbourne, Dorset. Chair All-India Women’s Conference 1931-1933 (Presdt 1938), Sec to Mahatma Gandhi 1934-1948, Mbr Jullunder Municipal Council 1934-1936, Mbr Indian Brd of Education 1942, 1946, Indian delegate UNESCO Conference London 1945, Deputy Leader Indian delegation UNESCO Paris 1946, Union Minister for Health 1947-1957 (conc Minister for Communications 1951-1952), Leader Indian delegation WHO conferences at Rome 1948 and 1949, MP (Lok Sabha) 1952-1957, MP (Rajya Sabha) 1957-1964. Author of “The Concept of Social Service” (1961), and editor of “Letters to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur” (1961). Presdt All-India Cttee for Social Work 1948-1949, Third World Health Assembly (Geneva) 1950, All India Inst of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) 1956, Tuberculosis Assoc of India. Chair Managing Body of Indian Red Cross Soc 1946-1960, Chair Exec Cttee St John’s Ambulance Assoc and Bde 1948, and 19th International Red Cross Conference (New Delhi) 1957. Vice-Chair Brd of Governors of the League of Red Cross Socs. Trustee of “The Tribune” newspaper. She d. unm. at New Delhi, 6th February 1964.
    • b) Bibi Raj Kaur. b. at Kapurthala Badshah Bagh, Palace, Lucknow, and d. there 29th May 1882 (bur. Bara Banki Cemetery).
  • 3) A son of the second Rani. He d. within two months of his birth.
  • 1) Rajkumari Bibiji Govind Kaur Sahiba [Sardarni Buta Singh]. b. at Kapurthala Fort, 19th January 1851 (d/o the first Ran), educ. privately. m. (first) at Kapurthala Fort, 1863, Sardar Buta Singh, son of Sardar Ram Singh, of Sirnawati, in the Punjab. m. (second) 19xx, Colonel Waryam Singh, of Kalyan, Sultanpur district, UP, late Kaputhala State Forces. She had issue, at least one son by her first husband.
  • 2) Rajkumari Bibiji Melvina Kaur Sahiba [Princess Melvina Rundheer Singh Ahloowalia]. b. 9th March 1860 (d/o Melvina). m. at Rue d’Aguesseau, Paris, France, 22nd January 1883, Major Arthur Stronge Gilbert (b. at Dublin, Ireland, 2nd September 1839; d. at “Powisland”, Tivoli Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 11th June 1913, bur. there), of Kelvedon Lodge, Brentwood, Essex, cmsnd as 1st Lieut Donegal Militia Artillery 10/4/1855, transf as Ensign 36th Foot 22/8/1856, prom Lieut 24/5/1859, served NZ War at Waikato, Taranaki and Wanganui 1863-1865, Instructor of Musketry 1865-1866, prom Capt 70th (The Surrey) Regt of Foot 27/11/1866, retd 1870, Capt North York Militia 18/4/1874, Capt 4th (Militia) Btn, Princess of Wales‚ Yorkshire Regt 1/7/1881, prom Hon Maj 5/7/1882, retd 1884, Dir Lady Ashburton Silver Mining Co Ltd, Silver Hill Mining Co Ltd, South Wheal Crebor Ltd, etc, Mbr Domatic Lodge No 177 United Grand Lodge of England 1875, rcvd: NZ Medal (1869), son of Lieutenant James Gilbert, RN, of Dublin, Ireland, sometime Chief Officer Irish Coastguard. She d. at “Powisland”, Tivoli Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 1st July 1919, having had issue, a son:
    • a) Arthur Stuart Ahluwalia Stronge Gilbert. b. at Kelvedon Lodge, Brentwood, Essex, 25th October 1883, educ. Dean Close Memorial Sch, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and Hertford Coll, Oxford (BA). Joined ICS 12/10/1907, Assist Cmsnr Burma, Postal Censor at Rangoon 1914-1916, cmsnd as 2nd Lieut No 3 Burma Ford Van Coy IARO 8/8/1918, temp Maj 1/7/1919, prom Lieut 8/8/1919, District Judge at Moulmien 1919-1922, Judge Court of Assizes 1922, retd 30/5/1927. Settled in France, where he made his career as a translator, author, and collaborator of James Joyce. Author of “James Joyce’s Ulysses – A Study” (1932), editor of “James Joyce. Letters, Volume I” (1957), etc. m. 1919, Marie Agnès Mathilde [Moune] (d. at Louveciennes, Yvelines, France, 19th May 1992), née Douin, a French citizen, co-author of “Promenades et excursions dans les montagnes du Biros et du Castillonnais” (1979). He d. at No. 7, rue Jean du Bellay, Paris, France, 5th January 1969, having had issue, a daughter:
      • i) Madeleine Gilbert. Translator into French and adaptor of “Théatre” by W.B. Yeats (1954). Copyright© Christopher Buyers
  • 3) Rajkumari Bibiji Victoria Kaur Sahiba. b. 11th April 1861 (d/o Melvina). She d. in early 1863.
  • 4) Rajkumari Bibiji Helen Marion Kaur Sahiba [Princess Helen Rundheer Singh Ahloowalia]. b. 6th September 1864 (d/o Melvina), educ. privately. Mbr Royal Colonial Inst (Lond). She d. unm. at No. 14, Cannon Place, Brighton, Sussex, 16th October 1887 (bur. All Saints Church, Dodinghurst, Essex).
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1870 - 1877 H.H. Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh al-Iqtidad Raja-i-Rajgan Raja Kharak Singh Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala. b. at Kapurthala Fort, August 1850, eldest son of H.H. Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh al-Iqtidad Raja-i-Rajgan Raja Sir Randhar Singh Sahib Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala, GCSI, by his first wife, educ. American Presbytarian Mission Sch, Kapurthala. Became Heir Apparent with the title of Sri Tikka Sahib Bahadur, 13th September 1852. Appointed as Regent and head of the Kapurthala state administration on his father’s departure for Europe, 15th March 1870. Succeeded on his death, 2nd April 1870. Ascended the gadi at the Royal Palace, Kapurthala, 12th May 1870. Formally installed by the Officiating Commissioner and Superintendent of Jalandhar, in the open court of Kapurthala Fort, 13th May 1870. Forced to accept a three member Council of Administration appointed by the Government of India, after suffering from a mental relapse at Hoshiarpur, 9th May 1874. The Council of Administration proved unworkable and was replaced by a single British Superintendent on 18th April 1875, and he was instructed to play no further part in the administration of the state. Rcvd: Prince of Wales’s Gold Medal (1876) and KIH Gold Medal (1877). m. H.H. Rani Anand Kaur Sahiba (d. at Kapurthala, 1897, crem. there at Shalimar Gardens). He d. at Bhagsu, near Dharamsala, Kangra District, Punjab, 3rd September 1877 (crem. at Shalimar Gardens, Kapurthala), having had issue, an only son:
  • 1) Sri Tikka Jagatjit Singh Sahib Bahadur, who succeeded as H.H. Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh-al-Iqtidad-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia, Raja-i-Rajagan, Maharaja Sir Jagatjit Singh Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Kapurthala - see below.
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