The Rathor Dynasty


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1532 - 1562 Rao Shri Mal Deo [Maldevji] Sahib, Rao of Jodhpur. b. 5th December 1511, eldest son of Rao Shri Gangaji Sahib, Rao of Jodhpur, by his third wife, Shri Derawalji Rani Manak Deiji Sahiba, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 9th May 1532. Installed on the gadi at Sringar Chowki, Mehrangarh, Jodhpur, 21st May 1532. Founder of Amjhera. He greatly expanded his domains, taking Merta, Ajmer and Nagore, and creating a kingdom with more territory than any other ruler of Marwar, extending it to Sind in the north, Hissar in the east and Gujarat in the west. Lost Jodhpur to Sher Shah 1542-1545, and lost Merta and Ajmer to Emperor Akbar, and forced to send two of his sons as hostages to the Imperial Court. m. (first) Shri Chandawat Sisodaniji Bari Rani Pohpavatiji Sahiba, née Parvati Bai. m. (second) at Jaisalmer Fort, 30th March 1537 (sep. 1539), Shri Roothi Rani Uma Devi Bhatianiji Sahiba (d.s.p. by sati, at Kelvo, Marwar, 10th November 1562), née Maharajkumari Ram Kunwarba Sahiba, daughter of Parama Bhattarak Maharajadhiraj Parameshwar Shri Maharawal Ji Bairi Lunakarna, Maharawal of Jaisalmar. m. (third) Shri Jhaliji Rani Navrang Deviji Sahiba (d. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), née Ardhan Bai, daughter of Mero Sujavat Jhala. m. (fourth) Shri Jhaliji Rani Hira Deviji Sahiba, daughter of Mano Jaitavat Jhala, of Dhrangadhra- Halvad. m. (fifth) Shri Jhaliji Rani Swarup Deviji Sahiba (d. by sati, some considerable time after the death of her husband), his favourite wife, daughter of Jaito Sajavat Jhala, of Khairvo, in Jodhpur. m. (sixth) Shri Chauvaniji Rani Indra Deviji Sahiba (d. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), née Indam Bai, daughter of Rao Dalpat Chauhan. m. (seventh) Shri Rani Jadam Raj Bai Sahiba (d. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), née Jadav Raj Bai, daughter of Rao Mandlik. m. (eighth) Shri Waghelji Rani Pohpamvati Bai Sahiba (d.s.p.). m. (ninth) Shri Bhatianiji Rani Ratan Bai Sahiba (d.s.p. while on pilgrimage to Mathuraji), daughter of Kumar Shri Mathiravan Sahib, of Jaisalmer. m. (tenth) Shri Bhatianiji Rani Kisnavatiji Sahiba (d.s.p. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), from Kelhan. m. (eleventh) Shri Jamwalji Rani Kathiyamji Sahiba (d.s.p. at Puskarji, ca. 1608), daughter of Balo Jagmal Suravat. m. (twelfth) at Merto, Shri Bhatianiji Rani Jashar Sahiba (d.s.p. at Reyam, near Merto, November 1562), from Merto. m. (thirtenth) Shri Sonagari Rani Dammaji Sahiba (d. before 1562). m. (fourteenth) Shri Sonagari Rani Lad Bai Sahiba (d. before 1562), perhaps a sister of the preceding. m. (fifteenth) Shri Sonagari Rani Pur Bai Sahiba (d.s.p. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), née Puram Bai, daughter of Thakur Shri Akhairaj Rindhirot, of Pali, in Jodhpur, from the Sonagaro Chauhan clan. m. (sixteenth) Shri Kachhawahi Rani Lakshal [Lakshap] Deviji Sahiba (d. by sati, at Kelvo, Marwar, 10th November 1562), daughter of Thakur Shri Ratansi Sekhawat, of Amarsar. m. (seventeenth) Shri Kachhawahi Rani Sahoramji Sahiba (d.s.p. by starving herself to death, at Amber, February 1563), daughter of Raja Prithviraj I, Raja of Amber, by his seventh wife, Shri Rathorji Rani Apurva Devi Sahiba, née Rajkumari Bala Bai Sahiba, daughter of Rao Shri Lankaranji, Rao of Bikaner. m. (eighteenth) at Mandore, Shri Sodhiji Rani Kasumbha Bai Sahiba (d.s.p. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), daughter of Rana Patal Gangavat, of Umarkot, of the Sodho Parmar clan. m. (nineteenth) Shri Sodhiji Rani Loharji Sahiba (d. at Sivano, Marwar, after January 1544). m. (twentieth) Shri Ahari Rani Ratana Deviji Sahiba, née Maharajkumari Lakshmi Bai Sahiba, daughter of Maharawal Shri Prithvi Raj Singhji, Maharawal of Dungarpur. m. (twenty-first) Shri Hadoji Rani Rambhavatiji Sahiba (driven from Mehrangarh, and k. by her husband in a fit of jealousy), née Rajkumari Drupda Bai Sahiba, daughter of Rao Shri Suraj Mal Sahib Bahadur, Rao of Haravati. m. (twenty-second) at Mandore, Shri Bhatianiji Rani Dhar Bai Sahiba (d. ca. 1600), daughter of Prithiraj Dujansalot Bhati, of Vikumpur. m. (twenty-third) Shri Tankaniji Rani Jamna Deviji Sahiba (d. by sati, at Mandore, 7th November 1562), daughter of Kisno Kalhanot or Viko Kisnavat. m. (twenty-fourth) Shri Chandravatiji Rani Sahiba (d.s.p. before 1562?), daughter of Rao Shri Achlo Raymalot, of Rampuro, of the Gahlot Chandravat Sisodiya clan. m. (twenty-fourth) Shri Sisodniji Rani Likhmi Sahiba (d.s.p. before 1562?), daughter of Maharana Udai Singh II, Maharana of Mewar. m. (twenty-fifth) Shri Jhaliji Rani Pran Kunwarba Sahiba, a princess from Dhrangadhra. m. (twenty-sixth) Shri Deoriji Rani Riva Kunwar Sahiba, daughter of his maternal uncle, Raj Sahiban Shri Mahajal, of Bagsin Patta, in Sirohi. m. (a) Tipu [Tivu Gudi], a paswan, daughter of Mano Gudo, of Rohila. He d. at Mehrangarh, Jodhpur, 7th November 1562 (cremated at Mandore), having had issue, fifteen sons and twenty-three daughters:
Rao Shri Mal Deo, also left further issue by his junior wives and concubines.
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