The Sunni Muhammadan ruling family of Janjira (or Jhuzira or Zizera) is of Abyssinian origin. They came across the Arabian Sea to India during the fifteenth century and took service with their fellow countrymen under the Nizam Shahi Kings of Ahmadnagar. They took possession of Dandarajpuri and the island of Janjira in 1490 and were appointed as Captains of the island fortress by Malik Ahmad Shah. Sidi Surul Khan I secured the governorship of the island of Janjira in 1618. The form of government was a sort of aristocratic republic, with an established order of succession; the first officer of the fleet succeeded to the governorship on the death of a Wazir. Emperor Aurangzeb confirmed them in their possessions in 1671, after the Bijapur Sultan had ceded Janjira to him. He also conferred the title of Nawab on Sidi Sumbal Yakut Khan, hereditary Grand Admiral of the Mogul fleet. They were notorious pirates for many years until they entered into an alliance with the HEIC in 1733. Jaffarabad, a town and district on the southern coast of Kathiawar, became part of the island state in 1759.

Although the people of Janjira expressly decided that they wished to remain a separate state under their own ruler, the Indian government disregarded their decision and annexed the state to Bombay.

11-guns (1/1/1903, 15-guns local 1/1/1921).

Gules a tower within an orle argent, over all a canton vert.
Crest: An eastern galley. Supporters: Habshis. Motto: "Manzur-i-Nazar Hazrat Panjitan" (pleasing in the sight of the sacred five, i.e. Muhammad, 'Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain). Lambrequins: gules and vert.


The ruling prince: Nawab Sidi (personal name) Muhammad Yakut Khan, Nawab of Janjira, with the style of His Highness.
The consort of the ruling prince: Nawab (personal title and name) Begum Sahiba, with the style of Her Highness.
The Heir Apparent: Nawabzada Sidi (personal name) Khan, Wali Ahad Sahib.
The other sons of the ruling prince: Nawabzada Sidi (personal name) Khan.
The daughters of the ruling prince: Sahibzadi (personal title and name) Begum.
The grandsons and other male descendants of the ruling prince, in the male line: Sidi (personal name) Khan.
The granddaughters and other female descendants of the ruling prince, in the male line: (personal title and name) Begum Sahiba.

None known.

Male primogeniture, amongst Muslims only, with legitimate sons taking precedence over any others.

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Nawabzadi Sidi Tazeen Jehan Begum.
Father Lawrence Ober, SJ.
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