The Mirazi Khel Dynasty


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Copying by wikipedia FORBIDDEN1901 - 1926 H.H. Sikander Saulat, Iftikhar ul-Mulk, Nawab Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Begum Sahiba, Nawab Begum of Dar ul-Iqbal-i-Bhopal, GCSI (1.1.1910), GCIE (24.6.1904), CI (1.12.1911), GBE (c. 27.12.1917). b. at Bhopal, 9th July 1858, only surviving child of H.H. Nawab Sultan Shah Jahan Begum Sahiba, Nawab Begum of Dar ul-Iqbal-i-Bhopal, GCSI, CI, by her first husband, General H.H. Nasir ud-Daula, Nawab Baqi Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Umrao Dulha, Nusrat Jang, educ. privately. Installed as Heir Apparent at the Fort, Bhopal 16th November 1868. Succeeded on the death of her mother, 16th June 1901. Installed on the musnaid at the Sardar Manzil, Bhopal, 4th July 1901. Attended the Coronation of the King-Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary at Westminster Abbey in London 1911. Founded several important educational institutions and introduced free compulsory primary education in 1918. Established an Executive and Legislative Council 1922. A great reformer, like her mother and grandmother, she reformed taxation, the army, police, the judiciary and jails, expanded agriculture, and constructed extensive irrigation and public works. She established an appointed state council and legislative assembly, and instigated elections for municipalities. She had a particular interest in public instruction, particularly female education, building technical institutes and schools, and improving the supply of qualified teachers. However, her main legacy is public health, by pioneering widespread inoculation and vaccination programmes, improving sanitation, hygiene and the water supply. Presdt All-India Muslim Ladies Conference 1914. Chancellor Aligarh Muslim University 1920-1930. Abdicated in favour of her only surviving son, 29th April 1926. Author: "Hidayat uz-Zaujan", "Sabil ul-Jinan", "Tandurusti (Health)", "Bachchon-ki-Parwarish", "Hidayat Timardari", "Maishat-o-Moashirat", etc. Rcvd: KIH silver medal (1877), Delhi Durbar gold medal (1903), Coron. medal (1911 with Durbar clasp), DGBStJ (17.3.1916), and the Order of Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidi) 1st class in brilliants of Turkey (20.8.1911). m. at Shaukat Mahal, Bhopal, 1st February 1874, H.H. 'Ali Jah, Ihtisham ul-Mulk, Nasir ud-Daula, Nawab Ahmad 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Sultan Dulha Sahib, Nawab Consort of Bhopal (b. at Jelallabad, January 1854; d. at Sadar Manzil Palace, Bhopal, 4th January 1902, bur. Hayat Afza Gardens), granted the personal titles of Nasir ud-Daula and Sultan Dulha Sahib 1st February 1874, and those of 'Ali Jah and Ihtisham ul-Mulk from the Queen-Empress Victoria together with a personal salute of 17-guns, 4th July 1901, rcvd: KIH silver medal (1877), only son of Baqi Muhammad Khan, of Jallalabad, by his wife, Muhammadi Begum. She d. at Qasr-e-Sultani Palace, Bhopal, 12th May 1930 (bur. there near the grave of Pir Zia ud-din), having had issue, three sons and two daughters:
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