Christophe, a freeman on the island of Grenada, BWI. He had issue, at least one son and a daughter:

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1806 - 1820 Henry I, by the grace of God and the Constitutional Law of the state, King of Hayti, Sovereign of Tortuga, Gonaïves and other adjacent Islands, Destroyer of Tyranny, Regenerator and Benefactor of the Haitian Nation, Creator of her Moral, Political and Martial Institutions, First Crowned Monarch of the New World, Defender of the Faith, Founder of the Royal and Military Order of Saint-Henry. b. on Grenada, 6th October 1767. Joined the Chasseurs-voluntaires de Saint Dominique and served under Count d'Estaing at the siege of Savannah in the American War of Independence 1779, took part in the heroic insurrection against the French at Santo Domingo 1791, Capt. of Infantry 1793, prom. Maj. 1794, district cdt. La Petite-Anse 1795-1796, prom. Col. 1796, cdt. La Cap and Fort-Liberté 1796-1799, prom. Brig-Gen. and Quarter-Master General 1799, cdt. Le Cap 1799-1802, Mbr. Colonial Council 1802, Lt-Gen. 1803, General-in-Chief of the Haitian Army, 28th July 1805. Succeeded as provisional Head of State after the death of Emperor Jean-Jacques I, 17th October 1806. Installed as Lord President and Generalissimo of the Land and Sea Forces of the State of Hayti with the style of His Serene Highness 17th February 1807. Proclaimed as King of Hayti and assumed the style of His Majesty, 26th March 1811. Crowned by His Grace Monseigneur Corneille Brelle, Duke de l'Anse, Grand Almoner to the King and Archbishop of Haiti, at the Church of Champ-de-Mars, Le Cap-Henry, 2nd June 1811. Chief Sovereign, Grand Master and Founder of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Henry, 20th April 1811. Captain of the Corps of the Military Household, the Royal Artillery, Gardes du Corps, Chevau-Légers du Roi, Chevau-Légers de la Reine, and the Chevau-Légers du Prince Royal. Protector of the Royal Chamber of Public Instruction. m. at Cap Français, 15th July 1793, H.M. Queen Marie-Louise (b. at Bredou, Ouanaminthe, 8th May 1778; d. at Pisa, Italy, 14th March 1851, bur. there at the Convent of the Capuchins), raised to the title of Queen of Haiti with the style of Her Majesty 26th March 1811, Crowned with her husband at the Church of Champ-de-Mars, Cap-Henry on 2nd June 1811, daughter of M. Melgrin, proprietor of the Hotel de la Couronne, Cap Français, by his wife, Célestina Coidavid. He d. (committed suicide) at the Palace of Sans-Souci, Milot, 8th October 1820, having had issue, three sons and two daughters:
King Henry also had several natural children, all born to different mothers, before his marriage to Queen Marie-Louise:
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