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1930 - 1974 H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, KG (14.10.1954), GCB (c 8.7.1924), GCMG (24.4.1917), GCVO (30.10.1930), Royal Victorian Chain (30.10.1930). b. at Ejersa Goro, Harar, 23rd July 1892 as Lij Tafari Makonnen and baptised as Haile Selassie, son of H.H. Ras Makonnen Wolde Mikael, KCMG, sometime Governor of Harar and of Tigray, by his first wife, Woizero Yeshe-immabet, daughter of Dejazmatch ‘Ali Aba Jiffar, of Woreilu, educ. Menelik II Sch., Addis Ababa. Granted the title of Dejazmatch, 1st November 1905. Governor of Garra Muleta 1905-1906, Salala 1906-1908, Derasa 1908-1910, and Harar 1910-1915, and of Kaffa 1915-1916. Raised to the title of Le’ul (Prince), with the style of His Highness, 11th February 1917. Appointed as Heir Apparent and Supreme Regent with the title of Ras, 27th September 1918. Raised to the title of Negus (King) with the style of His Majesty and Crowned by the Empress Zauditu at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Addis Ababa, 7th October 1928. Proclaimed as King of Kings on the death of Empress Zauditu, 3rd April 1930. Crowned at St George’s Cathedral, Arada, Addis Ababa, 2nd November 1930. Deposed in favour of his eldest son, 12th September 1974. Field Marshal Imperial Ethiopia Army, Admiral of the Fleet Imperial Ethiopian Navy, and Marshal of the Imperial Ethiopian Air Force. Field Marshal in the British Army, 1st February 1965. Hon General Portuguese Army 26th July 1959. Sovereign of the Orders of the Seal of Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Menelik II, and the Star of Ethiopia. Founder the Orders of Solomon and the Holy Trinity in 1930. Rcvd: GC of the Order of Solomon (11.2.1917), and Cdr of the Order of the Star of Ethiopia (1909), St George Medal of War with two palms (1941), Haile Selassie I Medal of War with three palms (1941), Menelik II Military Medal in gold, Haile Selassie I Silver Medal, Patriot Medal with six torches (1944), Underground Medal with five torches (1944), Victory Star (1944), Refugee Medal with four torches, Scholarship Medal 1st class (1959), Korean War Medal (1959), Silver Jubilee Medal (1955), Haile Selassie I Medal for National Service, Eritrea Medal 1st class (1952), and Jubilee Medal (1966), Medal of Military Merit 1st class of Greece, Military Medal (Médaille Militaire) (28.10.1954) and War Cross with palm (1945) of France, Military Medal 1940-1945 of Belgium (17.7.1959), etc. Knt of the Orders of the Annunziata of Italy (1928), Golden Lion of the House of Nassau of Luxembourg (25.5.1924), White Eagle of Poland (30.10.1930), Elephant of Denmark (21.11.1954), Seraphim of Sweden (10.6.1924, collar 15.11.1954), and Maha Chakri of Thailand (1958), the Riband of the Three Military Orders of Christ, Benedict of Aviz and St James of the Sword of Portugal (31.8.1959), the Grand Collar of the Orders of the Aztec Eagle of Mexico (1954), the Nile of the Republic of Egypt (22.5.1963), Pahlavi of Iran (14.9.1964), the Liberator San Martin of Argentina, and Pius IX of the Vatican (1970), the Collar of the Orders of the Muhammad ‘Ali of Egypt (30.10.1930, GC 3.5.1924), Idris I of Libya, Chrysanthemum of Japan (19.11.1956, GC 30.10.1930), Independence of Tunisia, Hussein ibn ‘Ali of the Jordan (1960), and Muhammad of Morocco, the Chain of Honour of the Sudan, the Grand Order of the Hashimites of Iraq, GC of the Orders of the Legion of Honour of France (16.5.1924, GO 1918), SS Maurice & Lazarus (18.5.1924), and the Crown of Italy (1917), Leopold of Belgium (mil. 22.5.1924), Redeemer of Greece (19.8.1924), the Tower & Sword for Valour, Loyalty and Merit of Portugal (28.10.1925), Willem (3.11.1954) and the Netherlands Lion (7.10.1930), St Olav of Norway with collar (22.3.1949), Carlos III of Spain with collar (1954), the White Rose of Finland with collar, National Merit of Vietnam (1958), Truth (Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma) of Burma (1958), Southern Cross of Brazil with collar (4.7.1958), Leopard of Zaire with collar, Lion of Senegal, Lion of Malawi, Valour of the Cameroun, the Sun of Peru, the Bust of the Liberator Simon Bolivar with collar of Venezuela, Condor of the Andes of Bolivia, Propitious Clouds of China special grade, Oummaya of Syria, Mono of Togo, Congolese Merit of the Congo, Leopard of Somalia (1960), Equatorial Star of Gabon, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Polonia Restituta of Poland (1967), the Source of the Nile of Uganda (1972), Eagle of Zambia, and of the Orders of Merit of of the Lebanon special class (15.4.1950), the Federal Republic of Germany special class (1954), Republic of Italy with collar (21.10.1955), Chile with collar, Central Africa, and Upper Volta, and of the National Orders of Chad, Benin, Mali with collar, Madagascar, Mauritania, Guinea, and the Niger, and of the National Order of Honour and Merit of Haiti (24.4.1966), Knt G Band of the Order of the Pioneers of Liberia, G Chief of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (1966), Chief Cdr of the Legion of Merit of the USA (1945), the Grand Star of the Decoration of Honour for Merit of Austria (1954), the Star of the Republic of Indonesia 1st class (Adipurna) (1958), Raja of the Order of Sikatuna of the Philippines (1958), Cdr of the Order of the Shield & Spears of Buganda (17.6.1964), and the Orders of the Yugoslavian Grand Star (21.7.1954), Pakistan 1st class (Hilal-i-Pakistan) (1958),the White Lion 1st class with collar (mil) of Czechoslovakia (13.7.1959), Star of Romania (1964), State Crown of Malaysia (DMN) (21.5.1968), King Abdul Aziz 1st class of Saudi Arabia (16.7.1957), Star of Ghana (1970), and the Banner of the People’s Republic of Hungary 1st class with diamonds (1964), etc. m. (first) 1909 (div. by order of Emperor Iyasu, 1911) Woizero Woinetu Amede [Altayech] [Altash] (b. 1897; d. 1935), daughter of an aide to his father, Ras Makonnen. m. (second) at Harar, 30th July 1911, H.I.M. Empress (Itege) Menen [Walatta Giyorgis] (b. at Egua, Ambassel, Wollo, 25th March 1889; d. at Addis Ababa, 15th February 1962, bur. there at the Holy Trinity Cathedral), educ. privately, raised to the title of Le’ult (Princess), with the style of Her Highness 11th February 1917, crowned with her husband at St George’s Cathedral, Arada, Addis Ababa, 2nd November 1930, Patron Assoc for the Benefit of Ethiopian Women 1935, Ethiopian Women’s Assoc, Empress Menen Sch, etc. rcvd. the Grand Collar and Chain of the Order of Solomon (30.10.1930), GC of the Order of the Queen of Sheba (1928), Imperial Coron (1930), Refugee (1944), and Jubilee (1955) medals, Member of the Order of the Seraphim of Sweden (19.12.1959), former wife of xxx ‘Ali, Jantirar Amade, of Ambassel, and of Ras Bitwoded Le’ul Seggad Atnaf Seggad, sometime Governor of Kefa, and daughter of Dejazmatch Asfaw Mikael, Jantirar of Ambassel, by his wife Woizero Sehin, eldest daughter of H.H. Negus Mikael, King of Zion. He was k. in prison at Addis Ababa, 27th August 1975 (bur. there at the Holy Trinity Cathedral), having had issue, three sons and four daughters:
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