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1913 - 1916 H.M. Iyasu V, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia, GCVO (7.9.1911). b. at Tanta, 4th February 1887, as Lij Kifle Yakob, son of H.H. Negus Mikael, King of Zion, by his third wife, Woizero Shoa Reggad, elder daughter of H.M. Emperor Menelik II, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, GCB, GCMG, educ. Menelik II Sch., Addis Ababa. Baptised as Iyasu. Appointed as Heir Apparent by his grandfather 15th May 1909, and formally proclaimed as such 30th October 1909. Assumed the title of Abeto-Hoy 1911. Succeeded on his death, 12th December 1913, but never crowned. Reigned under the Regency of Ras Bitwodad Tesemma Nado until the latter's death under mysterious circumstances, 10th April 1911. Ended the practice of chaining plaintiffs in court, confiscating all the property of convicts, forbade the drugging of boys for supernatural purposes, established the first police force in Addis Ababa, and promoted religious tolerance. Deposed on the grounds that he had embrased the Muslim faith, 27th September 1916. Evaded capture and roamed the countryside of Wollo, the Afar lowlands, and Tigray until captured by Ras Gugsa Araya on 11th January 1921. Placed in confinement at Fikke 1921-1931. Escaped with the help of Le'ul Ras Hailu Takla Haymanot, but was capturedand imprisoned at Gara Muleta, in Harar. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Solomon of Ethiopia, Leopold of Austria (1912), and the Crown of Italy (1912). m. (first) at Addis Ababa, 16th May 1909 (div. April 1910) Woizero Aster [Romana Worq] (b. April 1901; m. second, 1918 (div.), H.E. Ras Getachew Abate, Governor of Kembata, by whom she had issue, a son and a daughter. m. third, Assabber Gabre Haywot), daughter of H.H. Ras Mangasha Yohannes, Prince of Tigray, by his second wife, Woizero Kafay, elder daughter of H.E. Ras Wale Betul, sometime Governor of Yajju. m. (second) April 1910 (div. 1916) Woizero Sabla Wangel (m. second, H.E. Dejazmatch Yigezu Behapte, Minister for Commerce and Mayor of Addis Ababa. m. third, Dejazmatch Mangasha Jimbirre, and d. 1970, having had issue), daughter of H.H. Le'ul Ras Hailu Takla Haymanot, of Gojjam and Damot, by his first wife, Woizero Askala Mariam, daughter of H.H. Ras Bitwodad Mangasha Atikam, Governor of Gojjam. m. (i) Woizero Tesemma Andarge. m. (ii) 1913, Woizero Worqnesh, daughter of Dejazmatch Goshu, descendant of Emperor Iyasu I (or wrongly given as daughter of Dejazmach Wolde Gabriel and elder sister of Ras Birru - according to Dr. Girma). m. (iii) at Adal, before 1st June 1913, Woizero Ihata Mariam, daughter of Dejazmatch 'Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim, of Chenno, in Yifat and Timuga, a rich merchant in Djibuti, French Somaliland. m. (iv) at Jimma, after 2nd June 1913, Fatuma (b. 1900), daughter of Sultan Abba Jiffar II bin Abba Gommol, Sultan of Jimma. m. (v) at Dembi Dollo, June 1913, Woizero Askala Mariam, neé Mumina, a former Muslim who was baptised after her marriage, daughter of Dejazmatch Jote [Abba Iggir], sometime Governor of Liqa Quellem, Sayo and Anfilo. m. (vi) a woman from the family of Swalih of Timuga. m. (vii) a woman from the Were Sheh [Warasheikh] family of Yajju, Begameder. m. (viii) Ametulla, wife of Kebir Muhammad Mudir, and daughter of Amir Hajji 'Abdu'llahi II ibn 'Ali 'Abdu's Shakur, Amir of Harar. m. (ix) 1913, Woizero Atsede Mariam (b. at Bulga, 18xx; m. second, Neggadras Wolde Amanuel Temque. m. third, Dejazmatch xxx, of Tigray, and d. at Ammist Kilo, Addis Ababa, January 1988, having had issue by her second husband), daughter of Meggabi Takla Mariam. m. (x) Woizero Tiru Worq, daughter of Aligaz, a Wollo nobleman. m. (xi) a daughter of 'Abdullahi 'Ali Sadiq, a rich merchant from Harar. m. (xii) Woizero Zeudnesh, sister of Ras Abate Ba-Yalew, Wagshum, and youngest daughter of Dejazmatch Ba-Yalew, of Beza family of Manz. He d. (or was k.) at the Guenete Leul Palace, Addis Ababa (or at Garra Mulleta, Harar), 25th November 1935 (bur. in the compound of St Markos Church), having had issue, six sons and six daughters:
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1916 - 1930 H.I.M. Empress Zawditu, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and Queen of Kings of Ethiopia. b. 29th April 1876, as Askala Mariam, younger daughter of H.M. Emperor Menelik II, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, GCB, GCMG, by Woizero Abetchew Bayan, educ. privately. Proclaimed as Queen of Kings on the deposition of her nephew, at the Great Ghebbi, Addis Ababa, 27th September 1916. Crowned at St George's Cathedral, Addis Ababa, 11th February 1917. Sovereign of the Orders of Solomon and the Star of Ethiopia. Founder and Sovereign of the Orders of the Queen of Sheba in 1922 and Menelik II in 1924. m. (first) at Borumeda, 23rd October 1882, H.H. Negus Araya Selassie [Sahle Selassie], King of Tigray (b. before September 1867; d. from smallpox, at Mekelle Castle, 10th June 1888), Governor-General of Wollo, Begamber and Dembiya, son and heir apparent of H.M. Emperor Yohannes IV - see Ethiopia (Tigray). m. (second) at Entotto, 28th January 1891 (div. 1891), Dejazmatch Gwangul Wagshum (d. at Quorum, September 1904), eldest son of Dejazmatch Zagaya Biru - see Ethiopia (Zagwe). m. (third) ca.1894 (div. 1900) Dejazmatch Wube Atnaf Seggad (d. 1913), son of Liqa Makas Atnaf Seggad. m. (fourth) at Addis Ababa, April 1900 (div. 1916) H.E. Ras Gugsa Wale (b. at Marto, Yajju, April 1877; k. in battle at Ankim, 31st March 1930), Governor of Begameder, son of H.E. Ras Wale Betul, sometime Viceroy of Tigray - see Ethiopia (Tigray). She d. from a diabetic coma at the Menelik Palace, Addis Ababa, 2nd April 1930 (bur: at The Taeka Negest, Ba'eta Le Mariam Monastery Church, Addis Ababa), having had issue, two daughters:
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