The Solomonic Dynasty


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1847 - 1855 H.H. Negus Haile Malakot, King of Shoa. b. 1824, as Lij Besho Warad, eldest son of H.H. Negus Sahle Selassie I, King of Shoa, by his wife, Woizero Bezabesh Wolde, educ privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 12th October 1847. m. (first) 1844 (div. 1845) Woizero Ijigayehu (d. at Sella Dengai, 27th August 1877), from Manz or a former Gurage slave. m. (second) May 1845, Woizero Tedeneqialesh (d.s.p. at Jerusalem after 1856), former wife of a court official. He Atakelt, 9th November 1855 (bur. Debre Gage, Tara), having had issue:
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1855 - 1913 H.M. Emperor Menelik II, Elect of God, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and King of Kings of Ethiopia, GCB (m 20.8.1902), GCMG (25.10.1897). b. in Ankobar, Shoa, 17th August 1844, as Sahle Mariam Haile Malakot, only son of H.M. Haile Malakot, King of Shoa, by his first wife, Woizero Ijigayehu. educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father on 9th November 1855 but was taken hostage by Emperor Tewodros II and placed in confinement 1856-1865. He escaped 30th June 1865 and made his way back to Shoa where he was crowned as Negus at Gadillo, 22nd August 1865. Crowned by Emperor Yohannes IV, 26th March 1878. Crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia, at the Church of St Mary, Entotto, by Abuna Matewos, 3rd November 1889. Founded the Order of the Star of Ethiopia: in 1879. Rcvd: Knt. of the Order of Alexander Nevski of Russia (1895), GC of the Orders of the Legion of Honour of France (1892), Royal Hungarian Order of St Stephen (1904), SS Maurice and Lazarus of Italy, and the Holy Sepulcre of the Vatican (19.7.1907), the Imperial Orders of the Osmans (Nishan-i-Osmanieh) 1st class, and Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidi) 1st class of Turkey. m. (first) at Magdala, January 1864 (div. 1865), Woizero Altash (m. second, Ras Baryau Pawlos, and d. ca. October 1890), eldest daughter of Emperor Tewodros II, by a secondary wife. m. (second) 1865 (div. 1882) Woizero Emyat Bafana (b. ca. 1834; d. at Debre Libanos, 1887, bur. there), former wife of Afa-Negus Abboye, Afa-Negus of Shoa, and of Afa-Negus Bedane, sister of Kniazmatch Zekagatchew. m. (third) at Medhane Alem Church, Ankobar, 29th April 1883, as her fifth husband, H.I.M. Empress (Itege) Taitu (b. at Gondar, 1851; d. at Entotto, 11th February 1918, bur: Menelik II Mausoleum, Ba’eta Le Mariam Monastery Church, Addis Ababa), née Walatta Mikael, crowned by her husband as Itege under the name of Berhaneze Ethiopia (Light of Ethiopia) at the Church of St Mary, Entotto, 5th November 1889, founder of the Order of the Red Cross in 1902, exiled to Entotto in 1913, former wife of Dejazmatch Wolde Gabriel, Dejazmatch Takla Giyorgis, and of Kniazmatch Zekagatchew, brother of Woizero Emyat Bafena, and elder daughter of Dejazmatch Betul Haile Mariam, Governor of Semien. He also had recognised issue by several secondary wives m. (a) Woizero Desseta, a Galla from Wollo. m. (b) Woizero Getie, a Galla from Gurage. m. (c) Woizero Wallatta Selassie, sister of Chief Toro, a Gurage. m. (d) Woizero Abetchew Bayan, sister of Dejazmatch Shebashi Bayan, of Wollo. He d. at Addis Ababa, 12th December 1913 (bur: Menelik II Mausoleum, Ba’eta Le Mariam Monastery Church, Addis Ababa), having had issue, five children, including two sons and two daughters:
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