A'ala: high in rank and dignity, exalted, supreme.
Ala Hazrat-i-Humayun: a style of address reserved for the King and translated as "His Majesty".
Ali: noble, excellent.
Aliya: Queen consort.
Amir: commander, prince.
Amir al-Mumenin: 'commander of the faithful'.
Amir-i-Kabir: great prince or, great commander.
Askar: army.
'Ayn: notable.
'Azud: supporter.
Baba-i-millat-i-Afghan: 'father of the Afghan nation', a title bestowed on King Muhammad Zahir Shah in 2002.
Bacha Saqqao
: the water carrier.
: 'brave', a title of honour.
Beg (or Bey): a Turkoman title for Lord.
Begum: originally the female equivalent of Beg, the usual title of an official wife.
Bibi: mistress, lady
Bridget: Brigadier.
Dur: pearl.
Dur-i-Durrani: 'pearl of pearls'
Farman: Royal decree.
Firqa Mishar: Major General.
Ghazi: victorious.
Ghund Mishar: Brigadier.
Hakim: provincial governor.
Hazirbashi: attendant.
Hormat: esteem.
Ilaqa: chain, collar.
Izzat: glory, dignity.
Jan: beloved.
Jarnel: General.
: Civil General.
Kaniz: slave.
Karnel: Colonel.
Kaptan: Captain.
Khan: the most common title of nobility, now also used as a family name.
Khanum: originally the female equvalent of Khan, the usual title of an unmarried lady.
Khatun: Hazari equivalent of khanum.
Khidmat: honour.
Kosi: gown, cape.
Laqab: title.
Loynab: 'great deputy', i.e. Governor or Lord Lieutenant.
Majlis-i-A'yam: the House of Notables or Senate, the upper house of Parliament appointed by the King and established by the 1931 constitution.
Majlis-i-Shura: State Council.
Majlis-i-Shura-yi-Melli: National Assembly, or lower house of Parliament established by the 1931 constitution.
Malika: Queen consort.
Mehmandar: Lady-in-waiting.
Meshrano Jurga: the House of Nobles, the upper house of Parliament establsihed by the 1964 constitution.
Muin: assistant.
Musahib: Gentleman-in-Waiting.
: Companion, courtier.
Naib: Lieutenant.
Naib Salar: Lieutenant General.
Nawab: a high title of honour, superior to Sardar.
Nishan: order of chivalry, or decoration of honour.
Nur: moon, light.
Padshah: Supreme King, or Emperor.
Paik: pendant.
Qazi: judge of a religious court of law.
Salar: General.
Sar Askar: Commander-in-Chief of the Army.
Sardar: leader, commander, title of honour.
Sardar-i-Ala: 'the most high leader', a title of honour conferred for life.
Sardar-i-Salar: Field Marshal.
: Chief of the Pages.
Sayyid: the title of a male descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
Sayyida: the title of a female descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
Shaghasi: Chamberlain.
: Private Secretary to the King.
Shaghasi Nizami: Military Chamberlain.
Shah: King.
Shahdakht: 'daughter of the king', the usual title for Princesses.
: 'son of the king', the usual title for Princes.
Shamsia: star.
Shuja: brave, intrepid.
Sipah Salar: Commander-in-Chief.
Siraj: sun, light.
Siraj ul-millat wa ud-din: 'lamp of the nation and the faith', the reign title of Habibu'llah Shah.
Sultan: a high title of honour, superior to Amir and Sardar, but ranking below Shah.
Surati: consort, or secondary wife.
Telgha: crest.
Topchibashi: commander of the artillery.
ud-Daula: 'of the state'.
ud-din: 'of God', or 'of religion'.
ul-Haram: of the harem.
: 'of the Kingdoms', plural of ul-Mulk.
ul-Mulk: 'of the Kingdom'.
ul-Mumenin: 'of the faithful'.
us-Sultan: 'of the ruler'.
us-Sultana: 'of the realm'.
us-Sultanat: 'of the realms'.
Wala Hazrat: a style of address for senior members of the Royal Family, translated as "Royal Highness".
: one who exercises government, ruler, governor.
Wali Ahad: Heir Apparent.
Waliya: Queen Consort.
Wazir-i-Darbar: Minister of the Royal Court.
Wolesi Jurga: the House of the People, the lower house of Parliament establsihed by the 1964 constitution.
: Aide de Camp.
Zia: shining light, torch.
Zia ul-millat wa ud-din: 'the torch of the nation and the faith', the reign title of Habibu'llah Shah.
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